‘Soul’ Cast: Meet The Cast & Actors

Disney has been on a roll lately, and we love every minute of it! With the return of popular millennium shows, Lizzie McGuire and The Proud Family, it’s a no brainer that Disney continues to give us something to look forward to.

Over the weekend, at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, Disney gave us a look into its first black lead film, ‘Soul.’ Slated for a summer 2020 release, the Pixar animated ‘Soul’ tells the story of a middle-school teacher named Joe, whose ultimate dream is to play at infamous New York jazz club, The Blue Note. After taking a step into an open sewer, Joe’s body is transformed into a “soul-spirit” and sent into another realm. Joe is given tasks to complete while in this realm that may help him land his big gig. Let’s meet the cast:

Jaime Foxx

You may recognize Jaime Foxx from his role as Jaime King in his 90’s TV sitcom, The Jaime Foxx Show, as well as, the 2004 bio flick, Ray. He will be playing the main character, Joe Gardner, a middle-school music teacher who has a deep love for jazz.


You may have heard of Questlove from being the drummer and joint frontman with Grammy-award winning hip-hop group, The Roots. He was also featured in the first season of The Dave Chapelle Show. His role will be Curly, a drummer in Joe’s band.

Phylicia Rashad

Everyone’s favorite TV mom, Phylicia Rashad is known for her role as Claire Huxtable on The Cosby Show, as well as, Mary Anne Creed in both of the Creed films. She will be portraying Joe’s mother.

Daveed Diggs

The Hobbes and Me actor will be playing the voice of Paul, Joe’s neighbor, and enemy. You may also know him as the adult version of Ezekiel Figuero in the Netflix series, The Get Down.

Tina Fey

We’re all familiar with the Mean Girls writer and Saturday Night Live star, Tina Fey. She will be playing the role of 22, a soul trapped in the You Seminar with a dark outlook on life.