YouTuber Tana Mongeau Is Cancelled For Her 2019 VMAs Look

YouTuber Tana Mongeau has recently come under fire over her questionable decision for the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards. The prestigious award show was hosted in Newark, NJ this year on August 26th. Many celebrities rocked the red carpet with dazzling looks, while others reused styles used by the greats before them. Among those were H.E.R, Bobby Lytes, Keke Palmer Taylor Swift, and Tana Mongeau.

H.E.R sported a snake around her neck, though not the same color as the one Britney Spears wore for her iconic performance of I’m A Slave 4 U. Even though fans speculated her look was Britney Spears related, the star mentioned she has many snakes as pets and simply wanted to bring one with her.

Bobby Lytes was seen sporting a famous Prince outfit worn for the 1991 VMAs to a T!

Keke Palmer accessorized with a huge sequin phone purse which was reminiscent of Lady GaGa‘s iconic phone purse shown on the carpet of the Met Gala this same year.

Taylor Swift copied…well…herself! The Singer wore a nearly identical outfit for the VMAs to the one she wore previously for the Teen Choice Awards. Although it should be noted that it is not for lack of imagination, but for the sake of matching the era of her new album Lover.


And then there was Tana Mongeau. The YouTuber is no stranger to daring red carpet looks, as seen from her dollar bill outfit worn for the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

The 21-year-old is known for making headlines as she is not only the star of a wild reality TV show, Tana Turns 21, but she is also married to one of the most controversial internet personalities, Jake Paul. Mongeau was recently under fire for exposing her fake wedding, and it seems she can’t catch a break as twitter is canceling her for last night’s outfit choice. The vlogger wore a gold mini dress with matching thigh-high boots and a big yellow snake around her. Unlike in H.E.R.’s case, it is unmistakable that Mongeau was paying homage to Britney Spears herself with the way she held the snake up in photos identical to the popstar’s look for her 2001 VMAs performance.

Fans are upset at the idea of celebrities using live animals as accessories. Not to mention, they’re dragging the YouTuber for attempting to recreate the iconic look. Even though many don’t believe Mongeau was trying to hold herself up to the same level as Spears but rather pay homage, the people of the internet have spoken, and she is canceled (for now).

What was your favorite VMAs recreation?

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