Here Is How to Balance Missing Your Loved One

In the classic Shakespeare love story, Romeo and Juliet, Juliet declares her love to her beloved Romeo by parting with him at night. She says, “parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.” Is it sorrowful though? According to Elite Daily, marriage and family therapist, Nicole Richardson, it’s normal to miss our partners throughout the day, several times a day, and when we are stressed, we tend to miss them even more.

Why is that? According to scientists, imagining your loved one can help us ease through the struggles of everyday life and provide us with a spirit of rejuvenation and surging happiness. Is that why when we fall in love, we really fall helpless? TO the point where maybe it feels like we’re obsessed? The feeling of anxiety, not being able to concentrate on anything else but them? Love can often terrify us as well as belittle us when we think we’re doing too much but only love the other person. Our minds tend to make us believe that our behavior is normal when all we want is to be around our loved one.

It can be confusing when you don’t know to lose your love and balance a healthy relationship instead. Of course, we want to value our relationship feelings as well. So, what are ways we can see our loved one and also maintain a balanced relationship? Communicating what you want from the beginning of the relationship. If you want to be able to have a message reply after you ask how their day is going or just want a simple reply, it’s best to let the other know that, so you’re not in turmoil within yourself.

Another way to understand how to maintain a healthy balance is knowing how much is too much. The best way to start understanding how much your feelings weigh is if the distraction of your partner is consuming your other daily life activities. If you’re unable to do anything else-like concentrate in class, at work, when you’re driving in your car, when you’re out with friends, on anything but your partner, there might be a problem. Especially if you only want to do nothing but engage with your partner.

It’s good to experience time away, in fact, Richardson recommends it. The fiery feelings soon dissipate once separation gets involved. She explains the reason behind the evident calming of feelings is because “when you first develop feelings for someone, your brain literally releases chemicals that feel like you’re high on drugs. Your mood spikes, your emotions are everywhere, and when your partner isn’t with you, you’re thinking about them every minute of the day. But these feelings don’t last forever, and the longer and more established your relationship is, the more likely you’ll be able to fall into a chill routine. “That doesn’t mean you stop missing them during the day, but the intensity typically fades a bit.”

So, to the Juliets in love, do not fret. Saying goodbye until the next day is only temporary.

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