Jennifer Lopez Ends “It’s My World Tour” with One Message

Jennifer Lopez has always been an inspiration for women in a diverse set of ways. At already the age of 50(!), she still continues to inspire people with her fierce, magnetic attitude towards life. She started out as a dancer in her native New York and climbed her way to success. She proved she could work her tail off by succeeding at dancing, as well as singing and acting. Now, Jennifer Lopez is considered an icon.

She launched her “It’s My Party” world tour during this summer of 2019 and toured throughout the U.S. and Europe. According to Variety, one surprising incident occurred on the night of July 13, 2019, while she performed in Madison Square Garden. All of New York City experienced a temporary blackout, including the arena. Although people were evacuated, she wanted to make the once-in-a lifetime experience worthwhile, and rescheduled another added performance for her audience. Her hard work and leadership is a true example of determination.

On August 27, 2019, she had her last stop of her tour in St. Petersburg, Russia. According to POPSUGAR,  she wanted to leave a motivational message to all women. The message was that “you don’t get to write women off at a certain point in their life. You don’t get to write people off.” Lopez also wants to expand her skills behind the camera as a director for her upcoming film, “The Godmother.”

The classic lady wanted to celebrate her 50th birthday “in this way,” on tour, by celebrating life. She exemplifies that even in her current stage in life, we are always growing and changing. People don’t necessarily have to stop exploring who they are or becoming who they want to be at a certain stage in their life. During this day and age where success seems to be owned by the young or the old, Lopez demonstrates the strength to stomp out those ideas, especially for women.

During the “It’s My Party” stop in Moscow, Lopez is seen holding hands with her crew praying to “shine brightly” and give all they can for that one moment. Along with her effervescent career, she is also a mother of 11-year-old twins, Max and Emme, and the wife to Alex Rodriguez. How does she juggle all the different positions at once? By maintaining balance in her life. She mentions also in her tour video, that she wants people to walk away feeling that the show they had just experienced was the best.

Her determination to give all she can and work hard enough to achieve what she wants is a great example for women of all ages now and for the future to come. She was not given her success in this life, she had to fight for it. In a still male-dominated world, this can be a difficult feat to accomplish. Jennifer never let that stop her. She pushed through and did not give up on herself, most of all. I believe that she is a great example of achieving the impossible at any point in your life.

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