Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s New Credit Card

Apple always has a new invention coming out. If it is not a new iPhone or an Apple Watch, then it’s a credit card. Apple claims this is the best credit card you can have in your possession because “What you spend, when, and where. All beautifully clear.” is their logo for their new card. Let’s go through a guide on what this credit card does for us.


Apple card lives on your phone, so whenever you need it and you don’t have a physical card Apple card comes in handy. You can check how much you are spending each week and month by going through your Apple wallet on your iPhone. There is no need to download a new app and take up phone storage. You can also check and see how much you are spending in which area the most with Apple Card. While trying to understand your spending ventures, you can check to see where you spent the money. Apple card will open the name and address of the bill you paid. (Ex. If you see $50.00 on your credit card account, you can press the statement, and it will take you to the exact spending spot.)

Daily Cash

Click on a merchant name to see all the purchases from them and tap food and drinks to see a list of the investments as well. Every purchase you make gives you “Daily Cash,” which you can spend on anything, and there are no limits, but you must have an iPhone, Apple Watch, Ipad and a Mac. You can earn 3% Daily Cash from everything and anything you buy with from Apple. 2% Daily Cash every time you purchase anything using Apple Pay, and if you come across a store that does not take Apple Pay, Apple will still give you 1% Daily Cashback.

Helping With Your Bills

You get help on how to pay back your credit card and the interest it accumulates by choosing any amount you wish to pay each month, and Apple Card will mathematically calculate how much interest you would have to pay. You also pay your bill at the end of each month making it easier to remember and if you do forget about the bill coming up Apply Card sends you a reminder.

No Fees

Apple Card does not have fees. There are no late fees, foreign transaction fees, annual fees, no fees at all. The only thing to worry about is your interest which like any other card will accrue interest if you don’t pay off your card.

Fraud Notifications

Instantly get notified when your Apple Card is used. Once you use it, a notification pops up onto your phone telling you where it was used and for how much. If you don’t recognize the purchase tap ‘REPORT A PROBLEM’ and they will get right on that.

You can apply for an Apple Card in your wallet app and start using it right away with Apple Pay.