Troye Sivan Fires Back When Interviewer Asks If He’s A “Top Or Bottom”

Troye Sivan has taken to Twitter to slam an interviewer for his incredibly invasive and perverse questioning. The singer song-writer was recently interviewed for the September issue of Express, a New Zealand based LGBTQ magazine.

The interview consisted of various questions, including light-hearted ones such as “Best film you’ve seen recently?” to perverse questions like “Do you follow any Instagram thirst traps at the moment?” The last question was “Top or bottom,” to which the South African–Australian singer replied, “Ooo…definitely passing!”

Sivan replied to a fan addressing the interview on Twitter on Wednesday, August 28th. The fan posted images of the magazine spread with the singer’s interview on it and asked “Who’s this interviewer the bar is on the floor” to which Sivan replied,

“I thought about asking the interviewer about his absolute fave sex position after that last question, but then I remembered how wildly invasive, strange and inappropriate that would be. Didn’t stop him though!”

It’s clear that Sivan was not okay with the line of questioning as he assured his angry fans, “Next time I’ll just do a twitter q&a.” He also replied to a fan’s mock-invasive question of “what’s your ss number” with “You sure you don’t wanna just ask if I have a gayby or if I like Will and Grace like the other guy???”


The magazine was interviewing the singer ahead of his Bloom tour which is set to finalize at the end of next month in Australia.

The magazine’s editor has not responded to questions about the situation, but it’s clear that a line was crossed.

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