All About The Brands Ariana Grande Is Suing

Ariana Grande has filed a whopping $10 million lawsuit against fashion powerhouse Forever 21 on Labor Day of this year. The star filed the lawsuit with the Los Angeles federal court which included claims against the brand including “stealing her name and likeness to promote its products and a beauty company started by its founders’ daughters”.

The beauty company in question is Riley Rose, a retailer similar to Ulta and Sephora that launched its flagship store two years ago in Glendale California on September 30th. The brand is aimed towards millennials with an Instagram worthy aesthetic and affordable brand, including TonyMoly, Winky Lux, Essie, R+Co, Stila, and Laura Geller. The company does not sell anything that Forever 21 has in its stores, and is even jumping on the K-Beauty train.

The lawsuit claims included allegations of the fast-fashion retailer using a model that was “strikingly similar” to the singer while also using her song “7 Rings”, a renowned shopping anthem, to promote the sales of their beauty products. By using her song and her image for their marketing, Riley Rose would be able to track their customers into making them think their favorite artist endorsed these products.

Their first beauty boutique has proven the power that a beauty company started by millennials, for millennials has. Not only do they have a select list of beauty products that they offer, they even put attention into their decor in a very trendy way that will bring customers in without the need for a mascot with a sign. Not to mention, Jordyn Woods herself was there to DJ for the opening. (yes, you read that right)

Although the idea to open a store that sells beauty product is by no means an original thought, the Riley Rose has gone about it shows ingenuity. Although the future of the company may look like a good one, being tied to Forever 21 in its deteriorating financial circumstances may drag the company down.

In addition, this lawsuit may perhaps be the final nail in the coffin for millennials’ favorite clothing brand. Earlier this summer, it was revealed that Forever 21 may be filing for bankruptcy. The fashion retailer is looking for a way to financially revitalize their brand while also cutting losses where they can. Some fear they may suffer the same fate as their competitor TopShop, who long ago filed for bankruptcy and shut down all of their US stores. While it hasn’t been confirmed that the retailer would be shutting down some of its own stores, losing this lawsuit would no-doubt put a damper on things.

Forever 21 has yet to respond to the lawsuit.

Ariana Grande Slams Forever 21 With a Heavy Lawsuit
Ariana Grande Slams Forever 21 With a Heavy Lawsuit
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