60 Minutes Australia Accused Of Racism & Bullying Meghan Markle

60 Minutes Australia is under fire after posting a teaser clip for their newest episode all about how Meghan Markle “lost her sparkle” and went “from adored to insufferable in less than a year”. The one minute clip was posted on September 4th and has garnered over 2 million views in only a day and includes tons of inflammatory language used to spark a reaction from viewers. The teaser shows the episode’s guests criticizing the Dutchess of Sussex’s clothing, her decisions, her personality, her alleged social climbing, and even her “glow”, because apparently “all she does is glow”.

Amongst the guests are a former friend of Markle’s, Lizzie Cundy, and infamous white nationalist Katie Hopkins. The comments coming from Cundy sound catty and petty, which is why she tries to assure viewers she isn’t just a “jilted friend”. However, the presence of Hopkins in the episode is the truly troubling detail since many suspect 60 Minutes Australia of having given a white nationalist a platform to degrade a black dutchess. Her inclusion in the show has people convinced that “the segment was produced completely in bad faith”.

Many users have taken to the comments and to social media, in general, to accuse the show of being racist and of bullying the dutchess. Responses from viewers of the clip include words such as [the show being] “a stain on 60 Minutes” and “disgusting”, among many more.


Many people even vocalized their distaste at the show’s audacity to dedicate an entire hour to baselessly complain about Markle when there are far more pressing issues going on in the monarchy such as Prince Andrew’s relationship to Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein was an accused sex offender and pedophile who died in custody this late summer. He was a financier with many ties to well-known and powerful people, something that is certainly worth exploring for 60 minutes.

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