A Group of Ohio Boys Tricked Teachers Into Eating Semen and Urine-Infused Food

A small group of middle school Ohio boys are being charged with assault after allegedly feeding semen-infused crepes and urine-infused barbecue sauce to their teachers.

The incident occurred at Olentangy Hyatts Middle School in Powell Ohio on May 16. The group comprised of seven boys are between ages 14 and 15.

The charges were filed on Sept. 3 after the alleged contaminated food was sent to get tested for contamination by the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.

Brad Koffel, one of the attorneys for four of the boys being charged with assault told BuzzFeed that the main reason behind their trick was YouTube.

He termed this behavior as the “YouTube flu.” He added that kids imitate dumb pranks performed by YouTubers in order to get views and likes.

It seems like the boys’ plan was predetermined according to a complaint by Detective Jaison Kridler from the Sheriff’s Office. One of the boys brought to school his semen in a plastic bag which he later poured in the crepe he was making as part of a class activity. He allegedly offered the crepe to his teacher who ate it.

The complaint notes that another boy brought semen in a plastic bag to school as well, but didn’t end up using it while a third boy blocked the teacher’s view while the other two boys were pouring semen into the crepe, BuzzFeed reports.

The third boy is being accused with destruction of evidence since he deleted the text messages and videos of the incident. The complaint shows that another fourth boy is also being accused of “aiding and abetting” the plot. The fourth boy confirmed he was involved in the plan via text message, according to authorities.

The three remaining boys are accused of feeding four teachers chicken with urine-infused barbecue sauce. Just like the semen plot, the urine plot was also predetermined. Allegedly, one of the boys asked the other two to bring their urine which they later mixed with barbecue sauce and served it to the four teachers with chicken.

The group of seven are being charged with class 3 and 5 felonies. Three of them are charged with assault on a teacher. The other four were charged with complicity to assault a teacher. One of the boys was also charged with tampering with evidence because he deleted the videos and text messages, BuzzFeed reports.

They will all be arraigned later this month and will receive “age appropriate punishment,” said Koffel to BuzzFeed.


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