Maggie Gyllenhaal Objected To Pay Parity As James Franco

Maggie Gyllenhaal, the actress that is known for playing Batman’s woman, thought she should not receive the same pay as James Franco. James Franco, who has a more prominent name, has pay parity with his Deuce costar Maggie, but Maggie was not as pleased with the news.

James Franco at 66th Festival de Cannes


According to USA Today, Maggie told SiriusXM’s during Thursday’s interview “I just – out of the blue – got a phone call saying that HBO was going to significantly raise my salary. I’m gonna be totally honest here, the first feeling I had was I felt kinda guilty. I just had this windfall.”

It’s so sad to see women treated lesser than men, and when they’re treated right, they feel “brainwashed,” as Maggie would put it.

She is honest and raw about how it feels when you finally get treated fairly and with respect. “That’s where I’m like, ‘I don’t deserve this,’ and all this stuff…” she continued. “Like, ‘Well, of course, (Franco) is way more bankable, and so he is gonna…’ whatever, and that I’ve been told for my entire career.”

Maggie’s shock and objection only lasted a day because she knew her worth, and knew what she put into her work and her skills. The Golden Globe-Award winner stated, “It took me, maybe a day,” she said, “to go like, ‘No, no, no, this is payback for a long time. When have I ever been paid the same as my male costar?’”

She is an example that women want to be and should have. HBO is setting an example for networks to follow and hopefully soon this ’won’t be shocking, but something that is a norm and is recognized as regular life.  One day soon I am sure that actors and actresses will be equal in parity. I hope so for my little sister’s sake because one day she will be an actress and she deserves to be paid equal when she becomes a household name.

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