The 6 Most Common Hangover Cures That Turn Out To Be Myths

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a fun night of going out, a night in with friends, a dinner with family, there’s one common element to make the moment blast off: alcohol. When you first start to enter the party world, there are common myths that have debunked. According to MANDATORY, what you thought you knew about curing hangovers, isn’t true. What are they?

  • “You’re in the clear” – it’s familiar mythology to drink liquor before beer. You can. The only difference is the amount you drink, of alcohol or wine or anything else. Just don’t overdo it.
  • Grease Will Soak it Up – another common knowledge of curing hangovers is a trip to the diner or in the fast-food lane for a drive-thru meal or meals. While it’s true if you had a night of heavy drinking and you go out to eat, the food does absorb the alcohol. But then you’re left feeling bloated, icky and still pretty drunk.
  • Drink Lots of Coffee – another excellent way to deter the hangover blues is to drink an obscene amount of espresso or some powerful coffee-this, however, does not sober you up. You can still wake up with alcohol in your system; the right amount of caffeine-this doesn’t change the fact that the alcohol is again running in your bloodstream. The coffee does jolt up your energy levels though, so it does help.
  • Keep Drinking – the infamous “hair of the dog” scheme is, to cure a hangover, you must kill it with kindness. How does one do this? By giving yourself more to drink! Wrong. If you do indeed indulge in quite too many mimosas the next day, be prepared for an even more prolonged hangover.

  • Hard Liquor = Drunk Quicker – while it’s sad that a few shots of vodka will mess you up, that’s not always true, in theory. It boils down to the amount you partake. If you want to get massively drunk, then yes, drinking most of the bottle will get you there. But a couple of shots might have you feeling beautiful. If you stay in the breezy state, you won’t have to expect a hangover in the morning.
  • Make Yourself Puke – You may have heard that the best feasible way to fix your stomach woes is with one ultimate solution: throwing up. While it might make you feel better in the moment, you’ll ultimately still be feeling sick a while later. Because the alcohol is even swimming in your bloodstream, the remaining contents of whatever comes out is not all that’s alcohol-consumed, unfortunately.
  • So, what are the ultimate best hangover cures then? Simple. Don’t drink too much. Everything is best in moderation. It’s the same process for wanting to consume a variety of sweets. If you overeat a ton of sugar, of course, you’re bound to get a stomach ache. While alcohol and sugar are not precisely the same, the method still works.

    If you don’t want a hangover, don’t overdo it. If you do end up with one, it’ll be over soon.