These 8 Drugs Can Be Found in Nature

Mother Nature has had a splendid way of planting her own natural drugs around the world for us to find. We typically know of the ones that can send us sky high, but there are other kinds of drugs that do no such thing. Even over common drugs such as aspirin, derived from the willow bark, and penicillin, derived from a funky type of mold, have been found in the good mother Earth. According to MANDATORY, here are the 8 natural drugs you can also find.

mushrooms in grass night sky


Psilocybin Mushrooms

These euphoric little guys are normally found in warm climates, such as manure where they become gentrified. Although they are poisonous, these blue, long-stemmed mushrooms are known to bring you to another dimension.


Pot of brewing ayahuasca


Known as a very powerful tradition in South America, the spiritual mixture is said by scientists to “have long-term health benefits.” A combination of Psychotria viridis leaves and Banisteriopsis caapi vines, this ceremonial awakening potion “combines DMT with MAOIs to tap into a part of the brain that is only ever triggered during the act of dying.” Talk about a very big trip.

Hawaiian Babies

seeds and juice on table


These lovely little seeds seem contain LSA, which is also commonly found in the drug LSD. According to MANDATORY, it’s best to prepare the seeds by grinding them, soaking them them in water for 24 hours then filtering them. You drink the remainder slowly to avoid fast effects and feeling ill.


toad containing dmt toxin


This Colorado toad holds a very special secret: it secretes a toxin called 5-MEO-DMT, a very powerful drug also known as, “the God Drug.” The effect is said to be highly potent and last at least 15 minutes before returning back to reality.

Ibogaine Root

This very powerful drug derives from the heart of the earth, Africa. The root was used to grind into fine powders and even available in grocery stores in the 1930s. Notably a Schedule 1 drug, you must clear your system of any type of drug in your system (even caffeine) should you wish to partake 24 hours ahead. The state of euphoria is said to last even after the comedown for “months on end.”


peyote cactus flower


In the  deserts of Mexico grows a spineless little blooming cactus that contains mescaline. According to MANDATORY, it helps you see beyond the physical world we abide in and connect to all that surrounds us and beyond.


kratom powder and pills on table


The controversy surrounding this coffee family supplement is the DEA trying to ban it a few years ago. It’s widely used in Thailand for multiple uses, the main one being opiod withdrawal. Kratom is also useful for energy and mood lifting; it usually is generated in capsule form or powdered form to mix into beverages yourself. There are also tea shops that sell kratom beverages, which is also commonly paired with kava beverages as well.

Angel’s Trumpet

hanging yellow angels trumpets


If you dry out the leaves to this gorgeous flower and smoke them, you’ll be said to trip for three days straight. The poisonous plant belongs to the Brugmansia genus family and contains quite a large amount of tropane alkaloids, which can ultimately kill you.

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