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Top 10 Fall Date Ideas for the Coziest Time of the Year

Fall is right around the corner! Are you ready for romance?

Not only is fall an exciting time to shop for new clothing styles, but it’s also the most romantic time to be dating. Spend time outside- it’s warm enough to sit and watch the sunset, but cool enough to hold hands or borrow someone’s jacket. And it’s the perfect excuse you needed to wear all those new clothes you just bought.

Whether you’re in a relationship, single or just in the mood to go out or snuggle up next to someone, here are 10 fall date ideas for the coziest time of the year.

1. Go to a cute cafe.

It’s simple but a classic, and there’s no better time of year for a coffee date. There’s just something about fall that makes you want to sip something pumpkin-flavored in a relaxed setting. This is a great way to warm up, get your caffeine fix, and get to know someone new all at the same time.

2. Plan a cider tasting.

apple cider


If spiced apple cider wasn’t already on your agenda, you’re doing fall wrong! Take your date to a cider house or brewery and pick out your favorite flavors. Even better, take a tour and get educated about how the brews are made- learning while sipping is always more fun.

3. Attend a Jack O’lantern Festival.

If you’ve never been to one, these impressive events are a must for fall dating. The spectacle of thousands of carved pumpkins glowing in the dark can be truly romantic (in a unique, eerily beautiful kind of way). One popular example is Night of the 1,000 Jack O’Lanterns in New York City. Wherever you go, a Jack O’Lantern festival is guaranteed to be a breath-taking experience, so it’s perfect to bring someone you want to share a special night with.

4. Visit an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch.

pumpkin patch


It might be cliched, but if strolling through an apple orchard with your other half doesn’t scream romance, nothing does. It’s best to do your research: some sites, like Alstede Farms in New Jersey, not only include both pumpkins and apples, but also raspberries, a petting zoo and a farmers market. Spend some quality time picking out really fresh produce together. And curling up next to your date on a hayride is an extremely satisfying way to end your day.

5. Walk through a corn maze.

Nothing brings you closer together like navigating your way through acres of corn. If you want a challenge, check out the Amazing Maize Maze, the celebrated feature at the Queens County Farm Museum in Floral Park, NY and try your luck in the incredibly tricky and picturesque labyrinth. You’ll quickly find out who has the better sense of direction, and hopefully, you can get just a little lost along the way.

6. Hike a scenic nature walk.

scenic walk


Fall is an amazing time for exploring outdoors. If you or your date are nature lovers, or even if you aren’t, a long walk together can be a great bonding experience. Ideally, find a reasonably challenging up-hill spot with views so you can take a well-deserved rest the top and enjoy the pretty foliage.

7. Make s’mores in your fireplace.

I think we can all agree there is nothing in this world more romantic than wine and a fireplace. Add some s’mores and lots of blankets, put on a scary movie, and enough said. If you prefer staying in and enjoy cuddling, this one is your go-to.

8. Visit a Haunted House.

haunted house


Going to a spooky site with your date is always a good idea and a great way to spend your Halloween. Some of the most notoriously scary spots include Blood Manor and Bane Haunted House in NYC, but any haunted house will do as long as you hold on to each other the whole way through, and afterward argue about who was the most terrified.

9. Bake a seasonal dessert.

bake a seasonal dessert


If you love baking, you’re in luck- it’s pie season. Here’s a link to 21 delicious fall pie recipes to try this year: https://www.bustle.com/articles/185927-21-fall-pie-recipes-to-bake-during-the-best-season-of-the-year.

Don’t like pie? Try candy apples or salted caramel crumb cake. Or go a step further; get creative and make up your own dessert recipe. With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, baking together is a good opportunity to experiment or prepare for the holidays as a couple. No matter how it turns out, the warm oven smell alone is enough to get you and your date in a festive mood.

10. Go to a Harvest Festival.

Nothing better captures the fall spirit than these annual celebrations of the harvest. Harvest fairs and festivals are common everywhere around this time, so hit up a local one or head out of town. Complete with live music, crafts and activities, and probably Indian corn, this is a fun way for you and your date to spend an entire day together. Win each other some teddy bears, paint each other’s faces, or kiss at the top of a Ferris Wheel. These 10 fall date ideas for the coziest time of the year should get you excited, but the possibilities for fall dating are endless. So let the season inspire you.

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