Top 10 Important Travel Hacks According to Flight Attendants

Six flight attendants revealed to Business Insider 10 travel hacks that will make you save money, be entertained and keep yourself safe while flying.

Each flight attendant work at different carriers including Delta Airlines and United Airlines. Some wished to remain anonymous because, well, they shared some shocking details about sanitary conditions on airplanes.

Below are the 10 hacks to traveling smarter, easier and safer.

Read the fine print when purchasing your ticket

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Alexandrea Tiller, a flight attendant for Spirit Airlines, told Business Insider that reading the fine print in disclaimers when purchasing your ticket could make you save money on your carry-on bags. This hack comes in handy since many airlines, like JetBlue, are charging fees for all over-sized luggage when in the past the carrier only charged you if you have two over-sized luggage per person.

Use Skyscanner

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Skyscanner is a website where you can find cheap flights. Tiller added she found many great flight deals on this website.

Other websites where you can find cheap flights are: Momondo, Kayak, Expedia, Priceline and many others.

Always carry a water bottle, plus if reusable

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A flight attendant for Delta Airlines shared to Business Insider that travelling with a reusable water bottle is a must and that every airport in the US have spots to refill your water bottle.

Don’t forget to pack a portable charger 

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The same Delta flight attendant said that you should pack a portable charger because airports may not have enough charger outlets and the same is for older airplanes.

This hack is very useful specially if you are traveling by Delta Airlines since the carrier does use a lot of older aircraft.  Delta Airlines uses 60% of the Boeing 717 planes and that the airline acquired these planes from other airlines and not from Boeing directly.

Don’t over pack your bags 

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In order to travel smarter, you shouldn’t over pack your luggage. Keep in mind that your luggage can’t weight more than 50 pounds. If you are only travelling with a carry-on, remember to only pack truly essential items.

Get to the airport early

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Travelling gives you some stress, that’s why you have to get to the airport at least an hour earlier or else you will feel rushed and more stressed making your flight experience less nicer.

Travel in the morning

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Kevin Cain, a flight attendant for PSA Airlines, told Business Insider that in the evenings is when a lot of delays happen so it’s better to travel in the morning.

Bring your electronic devices

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Cain added that sometimes planes won’t have Wi-Fi so it’s better to download a movie or a show you can watch while offline.

Don’t drink in the cup with ice while on the plane

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A flight attendant for a regional airline working with United Airlines and American Airlines revealed to Business Insider that the ice scoop is not always clean, so your best bet is to ask for another cup with no ice.

Don’t order anything that contains hot water

White cup with hot tea served at business class of modern airplane


The same flight attendant added that the water used to prepare hot beverages on airplanes is actually “not the best.”

According to an EPA study, nearly 15% of commercial aircraft failed the standards for water safety.

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