England Couple Hosts Simple Wedding To Prove Weddings Should Not Be For Pleasing Others

An English couple dished the traditional white dress and suit for t-shirts and jeans for their bridal ceremony in an attempt to show others that your wedding shouldn’t be expensive.

Rebecca Maxwell, 30, wore a white t-shirt with the word “bride” on it while her husband, Glen Maxwell, 30, wore matching jeans, sneakers and a black t-shirt with the word “groom” which they kept both for their wedding and reception, according to Daily Mail.

At first, the couple was planning to have a traditional wedding, but later on they felt that they were planning the ceremony to please others, Daily Mail reports.

The bride who is a GCSE and A-level tutor recalled how their wedding guest list was getting out of hand because they kept inviting people for the sake of not getting anyone mad and not because they truly wanted them to attend the wedding.

After expressing how she felt “sucked in,” the bride told Daily Mail that she and her husband, who works in security, stopped bothering and decided to invite only 40 people, who they told to attend dressed in jeans and t-shirts. The couple bought similar personalized tops for the bridal party, best man and bridesmaid and the parents of the bride.

The newlyweds have a nine-month-old daughter called Eleanor. They got engaged in 2016 and since they were planning to have a traditional white wedding.

After extensive planning and searching on Pinterest for cake and wedding dresses ideas, the concept of a big white wedding started to seem unfitting for both of them. The couple admitted that they are the type to enjoy casual dates and snuggling on the sofa rather than lavish holidays, according to Daily Mail.

The wife had indeed bought a wedding dress before having her baby, but after trying it out she felt the dress wasn’t for her.

It was a comment her husband said that changed the course of their wedding planning. Glenn said that even if they married in t-shirts and jeans, he would still love her.

The couple, who were completely stressed by all the expenses a Pinterest-worthy white wedding entails, decided to host a ceremony more fitting with their personality and interests and to show that tying the knot doesn’t have to be expensive.

“I want to show other brides that if they don’t have a big budget, it doesn’t matter,” said Rebecca to Daily Mail. “They don’t have to spend a fortune or put all that pressure on themselves. As long as you marry the person you love, surrounded by people you love, your day will be special.”

Rebecca added that it became more of a show and that the real meaning of their wedding was lost. She said that tying the knot is about who you love and how much you love that person.

Originally, the wedding was supposed to be hosted at a farm during Christmas time costing them £14,000, Metro reports.

Their decision to have a more casual wedding made them save £6,000 which they used to treat their guests for a weekend at Center Parcs.

It cost them £250 to host their wedding at Darlington town hall. Afterward, the couple took their 40 guests to Center Parcs Whinfell Forest in the Lake District for a dinner that only cost £400. The couple didn’t buy an expensive wedding cake, they instead opted to buy cupcakes from Morrisons and a sheet cake with a photo of the couple printed on top that cost £35. T-shirts and jeans only cost £150. The couple spent £200 for the flowers and £70 on Rebecca’s hair and makeup, Metro reports.

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