Top 10 Easy DIY Costume Ideas For Halloween 2019

Almost halfway through September, many of you have already started planning what costume you are going to wear for Halloween. Shows like “Stranger Things” and “Powerpuff Girls” have been the terms most searched for Halloween costume ideas based on Pinterest’s top 2019 trends.

So I have compiled a list of easy DIY Halloween costume ideas which are mostly inspired by pop culture and won’t take you hours to recreate. These looks will definitely make Halloween 2019 a memorable one

Wednesday Addams

All you need for this look is a button-down white shirt and a black long-sleeve dress or oversized sweater, make two braided ponytails. You won’t need a lot of makeup for this costume. To achieve Wednesday’s goth look all you need is heavy black eyeliner and black or dark lipstick.

Skeleton makeup

What is a Halloween party without a skeleton costume? With this quick half-face skeleton makeup tutorial you can save money since you won’t need to buy a costume. Let your face be the center of attention this Halloween.

Eleven from Stranger Things

You will need a blonde wig, a cute, pink dress, a navy blue jacket, knee-high white socks and white sneakers to pull this costume successfully. Optional: Add a little fake blood down your nose and carrying around a box of Eggos.


If you are a hardcore fan of a favorite artist then why not dress up as them for Halloween? This Sia look is mysterious and sexy yet so easy to assemble. All you need is a white button down shirt, a black blazer, knee-high black boots, a giant black bow and her signature one-half blonde the other black wig. Please note that if you are literally planning to purchase the wig that covers your eyes completely, you should attend the party with a friend to guide you around.

Lara Croft

Though badass, this look is so easy to recreate. A black or olive tank top, black shorts, and fake guns are everything you need to become Lara Croft for Halloween. A messy ponytail will finish up the look and voila!


For this look the most essential item is to have a unicorn horn, then is optional whether you want to buy a bright-colored wig, add as much glitter or create a bold makeup look.

Taylor Swift “Junior Jewels” shirt

This is another easy artist costume idea to recreate. In her 2009 video “You Belong With Me” Swift sports a plain white t-shirt with a bunch of names written on it. You can easily recreate this look by just writing “junior jewels” big and in the middle and then adding the other names scribbled around in the shirt. A plus if you accompany this look with wide-framed lenses, a blonde wig, a natural or no-makeup at all look.

Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls costume ideas are in Pinterest’s top 2019 trends of Halloween costume ideas for a reason. The looks are easy to recreate and it’s a great costume idea if you are planning to attend any parties with your best friends. Depending on who you choose to dress up as, you will need a dress, white sheer tights, and black closed-toe shoes.


Just like a skeleton, a mermaid is another staple Halloween costume. If you are trying to recreate Ariel’s look all you need is a long, red wig, a bra, and a mermaid tail. If you don’t have one, a long pencil skirt is a great option to simulate a mermaid tale.


This is also a look so easy to recreate since a lot of stores sell vampire fangs for a very cheap price and this is a look that’s very centered on your make up. All you need is to make yourself look dead, so putting a dark eyeshadow underneath your eyes and putting a foundation that’s a few shades lighter than your actual skin tone will help you achieve this look.

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