Kim Kardashian Addresses The Rumors About Moving To Wyoming

Kim Kardashian was recently on The Today Show with Jimmy Fallon addressing the rumors of her and her family moving to Wyoming.

The 38-year-old confessed that she and her husband are considering a move to the midwestern state, even if it’s only a partial one. Kardashian gushed over how much they love it there,

“We love Wyoming. It’s always been such an amazing place. My husband did just buy a ranch there. His dream and his vision is to move there.”

While she is happy with the idea of living there, the law student admitted to not loving it as much as her husband.

“I love L.A., so I envision summers. I envision some weekends. It’s the prettiest place you’ve ever seen in your entire life…We’ve had this dream of getting this ranch and just spending our summers there and getting away.”

It’s a no brainer why the Calabassas-native may not prefer the Wyoming lifestyle full time, considering the events of their last visit. Kanye West brought her and three of their kids to a home he was looking to purchase in the Equality State, only for them to realize there was no running water, no electricity, and no working electronics!

“He falls asleep so now I’m with the three kids. No bathroom. It’s like in the wilderness, in a cabin. So now there’s no lights and I’m scared to death that a bear or something’s going to come. I don’t even know if there’s bears there, but some animal is going get us. My phone dies. There’s no service, no nothing. I’m peeing in a bottle because there’s no bathroom. And I am just, like, losing my mind.”

Perhaps the next visit will be a little more convincing! Check out the full episode below:

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