Oprah’s Daily Morning Routine: Hour by Hour Breakdown

Trying new morning routines seems to be the buzz on how to fix your life or reach closer to your goals. I personally have heard that waking up earlier can be the root to solving most of your problems. It turns out you can conquer the world in a day if you rise before the sun breaks. Can said possibility be true for everyone? According to ELITE DAILY, here’s Oprah’s morning routine to see how it works for you:

7:10 a.m.: Wake Up And Chill

In Oprah’s article for Harper Bazaar in 2018, she writes that “This morning, when I hit the blackout shades just after seven, the light was casting its golden glow over the green lawn, with the clouds and ocean in the distance.” She does not arise from her bed until at least 8 am. Tricky thing is, whenever I’ve tried waking up at 7 am, I tend to fall right back to sleep. I won’t remember snoozing my alarm, just waking up the earliest at 8 am, which is usually when I’m rushing to get ready to leave for work, etc. If I’ve ever tried to wake up before 7 am, it’s usually the same scenario. But, this experiment seems worth a try. It might make sense to let the body get used to slowly rising and getting out of bed at 8 am is still relatively early, to me at least.

8 a.m.: Brush My Teeth

Oprah says, “First thing in the morning, I brush my teeth and take the dogs out.” Luckily, for those of us who do not have pets, this is the least of our worries. However, it is time to start rocking and rolling. I know after my bathroom routine, I start getting ready, which usually means it’s showtime.

8:10 a.m.: Have Some Me Time…

According to elite daily’s, Candice Jalili, with this part of the Oprah routine, she walked her loved ones to the subway. Oprah walked her dogs around the backyard. Now, for those of us who have neither nearby, around 8:10, could be a time for yourself. Doing some extra stretching or reading or meditating might help stretch open wide those arms ready to embrace the day.

8:20 a.m.: Read Some Inspiring Quotes While I Wait For My Coffee

According to elite daily, “Oprah reads five inspirational quotes every morning while she waits her coffee to brew.” She bought a box called “365 Gathered Truths” and reads 5 quotes from them daily. Now, for those of us, who don’t have the $96 it costs to purchase one of those boxes, there’s always the wonderful world of downloading free apps to your phone, or buying books and highlighting those quotes for much, much cheaper. The point is to get inspired, stay inspired, and to inspire others. Right?

8:30 a.m.: Read My Sufi Inspo For The Day

In addition to reading her motivational quotes for the day, Oprah also reads her emails she receives from “Bowl of Saki” in her email. Anyone can do it, since it is free. All you have to do is sign up here: https://wahiduddin.net/saki/saki_new.php

8:40 a.m.: Meditate

After reading her Bowl of Saki email, Oprah meditates for 20 minutes. Now, it’s hard for me to concentrate on anything for even 10 minutes. Silence, serenity, etc. But, maybe that’s the point. Finding any place that can shut your mind off and be one with yourself can really set your mind to greater heights therefore catapulting me to a whole new ball game of living. Ideally.

9 a.m.: Work Out

This has to be my personal favorite because it’s the one I try to implement daily. Oprah will usually try to bring a few people over to help with resistance training, but she also runs for at least 30 minutes around her backyard. I love that. Simple and doable. 30 minutes, cardio, power, make it happen.

Make it happen! That’s what I have to keep telling myself. Maybe trying Oprah’s daily routine might bring something powerfully new to my well-being.