Study Shows Women Only Wear High Heels On Dates With Attractive Men They Want To Have Sex With

According to Daily Mail, a study conducting about 300 straight female university students in Slovakia proved that their shoe determined their intentions on dates with men.

These women were asked if they preferred a stiletto or flat shoe on a date with photographs of men from Google Images, one being conventionally attractive and the other unattractive.

60% of the women had chosen to wear the stiletto if asked on a date by the attractive man, and 22% of that would choose heels for both. If there’s no attraction, women are less likely to put in the same effort into their appearance to either look desirable or not.

However, its argued that there is more criteria to a woman’s intention on a date. If she wants to come off casual and active, she will wear a flat shoe like sneakers. If she is looking to appear seductive or of “high maintenance”, she will choose a heel.


According to Dr. Pavol Prokop, “Wearing high heels enhances female physical attractiveness for the opposite sex, thus their use seems to be a powerful sexual signal.” This is physically proven as Prokop further explains, “heelsĀ improve the lumbal curvature and alters the female’s gait, reduces stride length and increases rotation and tilt of the hips.”

We also can’t rule out the man’s opinion. Different men are attracted to different behaviors of women. American author, Summer Brennan, explains, “It’s such an individual choice that would vary based on age, individual style, country, city, and of course the venue of the date.”

Wearing heels does not give consent in any way, shape, or form, but it is generally known to give the impression that she is making an empowering choice that says she wants to look good for a reason whether that’s for herself or the man. It definitely takes confidence to wear shoes as such.

When the volunteers were asked how attractive they find themselves, results had shown women who gave themselves a high ranking were more likely to wear the heels.

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