Keke Palmer Boyfriends 2021: Who is Keke Dating Now?

Lauren Keyana “Keke” Palmer is a famous musician and actress. She starred in movies that many of us have watched during our childhood, like Akeelah and the Bee and Jump In! Some may even remember her from Nickelodeon’s True Jackson, VP. Palmer’s all grown up now and is now starring in more mature roles like in her latest upcoming film, Hustlers.  While she’s been hustling in her new movie, let’s take a look at what her actual love life has been like.

Rodney King

Palmer and King dated for a while in her younger days. Their break up was due to their different lifestyles and a lack of understanding on both of their ends. Shortly after they broke up, Palmer was rumored to have secretly been dating Quincy Brown later that same year.

Quincy Brown

Quincy Brown at the Brother Love red carpet premiere


At first, they kept their relationship quite private and denied having one. Palmer and Brown were co-stars in the film Brotherly Love (2015). She got to show off her skills as an actress and a singer since her character, Jackie was devoted to music. That was until Chris (Brown), came along diverting her attention from music to him. Their on-screen and off-screen chemistry had many fans wondering if they were dating or not. They claimed to be just friends for a long time.

Elvin Jackson

Palmer most recently dated actor Elvin Jackson. Last year, Jackson posted a video containing subliminal messages to one of Jackson’s exes that had been texting him. This, along with cute photos of the couples had fans shipping them hard. They recently broke up in June.

Palmer is not the kind of girl who desperately seeks a relationship for happiness and validation. She understands that in time, those things will come. Palmer puts most of her energy into her work. She calls herself a workaholic, and loves being one. In a recent interview with Wendy Williams, Palmer admits that she “likes whoever loves her.” Meaning, she does not have a preference when it comes to gender. Palmer also confesses that when it comes to relationships, she’s not a fan because it’s really hard to date, especially being a celebrity and a millenial. When it comes to dating, she has a hard time being emotionally vulnerable, which she talks about in her book. With relationships coming and going, Palmer makes it clear that dating is not the main priority in her life, she would rather focus on herself and her career. Don’t forget to check out her latest movie, Hustlers in theaters now!

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