Clothing Brand Tries Turning School Shootings into Trendy Fashion

From overalls to scrunchies to ripped jeans, fashion has evolved tremendously throughout the years. In this day in age, lots of old fashion trends have been revamped to fit into the modern-day style. Recently, Kanye West released his Kanye x Adidas 2015 Collection which features overpriced clothing with holes and tears in sweaters, shirts, and hoodies. It wasn’t uncommon for jeans to be ripped, but Kanye’s line was a real eye-opener which got many people talking. Many fashion industries have followed Kanye’s footsteps, including Bstroy.

Bstroy is a “Neo-Native Menswear Design House” based in New York City. The company has received a lot of feedback for its latest line of controversial fashion pieces. See if you can spot what’s wrong with the following images:

If you still haven’t been able to figure it out, pay close attention to the design and lettering on each hoodie. Columbine, Stoneman Douglas, Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook are all names of schools that have suffered from mass shootings in America. The holes in the hoodies are meant to resemble bullet holes. Many people are outraged by Bstroy’s bold fashion choice in attempt to commemorate the students who have been killed by gun violence.

The creators of Bstroy are known as Du (seated) and Brick. Much of their clothing line is influenced by their upbringings from Atlanta, Georgia. They wanted their clothing to be unique and to make a statement. In a recent New York Times article, the designers speak out about the kinds of messages they are trying to depict: “We are making violent statements,” Du said. “That’s for you to know who we are, so we can have a voice in the market. But eventually, that voice will say things that everyone can wear.” However, is there a line that should be drawn when it comes to depicting certain messages?

What do you think? Do these hoodies make a bold statement against the deadly gun violence in America or are they simply turning tragedies into a trend?

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For more information about donating to or learning about gun control visit Everytown for Gun Safety.

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