How To Pick Which NYC Neighborhood Is Best Fit For You

Moving to NYC is a new and exciting experience, but stressful and overwhelming at the same time. Over the years, I lived in three completely different parts of the city which has given me some helpful things to know about each area to share with you before losing your hair over finding where to look first.

Upper East Side


Okay so maybe Gossip Girl glamorized how lavish the Upper East Side seems, and I’m here to tell you that they did a job well done.

There are tons of amazing restaurants that are pretty pricey, but the food makes it completely understandable and worth it. During the day there’s children going in and out of school, lots of trendy contemporary clothing stores, Central Park, and museums.

However, the nightlife is pretty much nonexistent. Places start to close no later than 11 P.M., and then it’s completely silent. If you like a peaceful family-friendly neighborhood, the Upper East Side is for you.



Midtown has a lot to offer. It’s definitely the most ‘touristy’ as it’s home to the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, and The New York Public Library.

During the day there’s people running from one business meeting to another, shopping down 5th Ave., and the most amount of Starbucks locations you’ve ever seen. ¬†As far as nightlife goes, your only option is the countless of rowdy sports bars and pubs down 3rd Ave.

If you like the fast pace NYC offers and an upbeat night out, then Midtown is the place for you!

East Village


East Village is an extremely common area for college students being that it’s the home of many universities such as NYU and The Cooper Union. It’s the most lively and diverse neighborhood in the city, and walking distance from other cool spots like Union Square and Soho.

This neighborhood includes skaters zooming past you in every direction, urban coffee shops, the best food for cheap, and tons of vintage/thrift stores. Washington Square Park will become your new ‘spot’ for inspiration, socialization, or just a place to eat cake and cry. You’d be surprised I’m not the only one.

At night, it becomes more entertaining.¬†Downtown is where you find all of NYC’s most popular bars and clubs that last until 3 or 4 A.M., it basically defines nightlife. Just beware that because it’s such a central location, it’s also the priciest! If you like liveliness and noise, then the East Village is for you.

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