Top 5 Affordable & Comfortable Jeans Trending For The Fall Season

Looking for the best pair of jeans is a hassle and sometimes pretty expensive. But September is not only bringing back pumpkin spice latte to Starbucks, it’s also bringing Popsugar’s collection at Kohl’s which has affordable and trendy pairs of jeans.

The denim trends in the collection are all under $40 and itĀ brings the fall season staple darker-wash jeans, but it also has pair of jeans with lighter shades showing how versatile the collection is.

It looks like high-rise and the classic skinny denims are not going away this season and the boot-cut and other 70s denim styles are making their way back this fall.

Below are the top five denim trends that will be going strong this fall season according to Popsugar’s collection. And remember they are all under $40.

High-Rise And Kick Flare Jeans

Tween redhead girl in pullover, jeans and sunglasses standing on balcony against high-rise multi-storey residential building at sunset.

Ta’yana Andreneva/Shutterstock

The high rise denim style has become a favorite in our wardrobes and will not go out of style anytime soon. Kick flare denim is also another option if you are opting for a more figure-flattering look. To rock this pair of jeans, wear it with a bold belt.

Raw-Edge Skinny Ankle Jeans

Full length isolated studio portrait of a young blonde lady in a white T-shirt, black skinny jeans, a leather biker jacket and ankle boots.

Red Umbrella and Donkey/Shutterstock

This fall is bringing the smaller silhouette back with many designers pairing this slimmer look with over-the-knee boots.

Midrise Straight-Leg Jeans

The straight-leg cut is a popular denim trend because it’s neither too tight or too loose. It brings a good amount of room to breathe, yet it still flatters your figure because is not baggy. The straight-leg cut has since returned to our wardrobes, and just like high-rise denim, it’s set to stay in our closets for longer too.

Side-Stripe Ankle Jeans

If you are looking to add a twist to your wardrobe then look no further. Side-stripe jeans have been on the rise according to WhoWhatWear. You will look great sporting this denim trend with your favorite knitted sweater.

Embroidered Jeans

Woman's legs in embroidered flower jeans and green high hell shoes posing in studio


If you are opting for a more balanced look this fall, an embroidered pair of jeans is the way to go. This trend offers the most versatility in your wardrobe because it will help you balance out feminine items with masculine items easier than any other pair of jeans.

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