Chrissy Teigen Gets FaceTime Calls From Strangers After Accidentally Tweeting Email Address

Chrissy Teigen accidentally leaked her email address on twitter, and it wasn’t pretty.

The 33-year-old tweeted out a humorous mini-story about always wearing the same thing to events as Amanda Seales, which read,

“lolll @amandaseales and I had this thing where we always unintentionally wore the same clothes everywhere. So this time I was like ‘ok there’s no way she will also have a padded shoulder printed mini blazer dress’ and yet”.

The now-deleted tweet also included a screenshot of her and Seales standing in front of the camera wearing those identical outfits as proof. Unfortunately, the supermodel didn’t realize that her email address could be seen at the top of the picture, thus revealing her private information for the internet to see.

After realizing her mistake, she tweeted, “Fuck I posted my email address lmao”.

The “Cravings” cookbook author continued to tweet about the consequences of her actions, as fans took to FaceTime to harass her with nonstop phone calls. Teigen tweeted various videos of her laptop going crazy with FaceTime calls and even picking some of them up.

One tweeted video had a caption that read, “oh my god people are FaceTiming me. was 100% this would be a penis but nope just a nice stranger”

The following tweets were videos of her being frustrated as the calls just wouldn’t stop.

She even had to address the issue without her trademark humor by saying, “please stop I have a family”.

Luckily Teigen was able to get the situation under control after she changed her email and disabled certain settings, though not without thanking the lovely fans that did reach out respectfully.

When responding to a fan who tweeted her mid-crisis, she revealed that this was not the first time she accidentally exposed her personal information to strangers. The media personality had mistakenly published her phone number in a picture of her dog’s collar in her cookbook.

It’s never been a better time to be a fan of Chrissy Teigen! It’s not every day that your fave celebrity reveals their contact info, but thanks to stalkers and creeps, we have to put the star’s safety first, no matter how much we wish we were Ricardo!

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