Gel Manicures On Short Nails Set To Dethrone Long Nails This Fall

According to Pinterest’s and Popsugar’s trend reports, gel manicures on short nails searches have been going up this September, defying the idea that the 2-inches nail look wore by so many influencers and celebrities is the prevalent fashion statement for your fingers.

Pinterest shows that searches for short nails went up 46 percent this September and Popsugar’s report shows that searches specifically looking for gel manicure on short nails went up 230 thousand percent, according to¬†Allure.

It’s no wonder that more people are opting for shorter nails since they are easier and cheaper to maintain than the longer nails trend Kim Kardashian, Cardi B and Kylie Jenner wear all the time.

Short nails don’t have to be boring. Artists like Demi Lovato have showed off on Instagram that short nails can offer enough room to create artsy, complicated and attention-grabbing patterns just like long nails. Also, short nails were all the rage during New York Fashion Week Spring/summer 2020 with the French manicure making a comeback.

Short nails are your number one option this fall if you are looking to have a more minimalist, yet chic and affordable look. The following manicures will convince you to give short nails a try.

If you don’t want to be all over the top with your nails yet you want to make a statement, then opt for a similar look. Fashion blogger @mariloushion has a clear manicure base with only one stripe on each nail making this simple nail look rather bold.

If you want a more enviable manicure then opt for mixing different finishes on your nails. You could either do a matte dark color (which always look great on any skin tone) and pair it with a glossy or glitter finish just like @cosmoprofbeauty did. With this nail look, you’ll surely make a statement that short nails rock.

Summer isn’t the only season of the year where you can experiment with sparkles and glitter. This simple, yet elegant look will be the perfect gateway from hot to chill weather.

If you are a summer person rather than a fall person, then don’t fear. It is perfectly fine to have a beach inspired manicure even in the fall. Just check out @miss_chonails mermaid-inspired manicure to remind you of the beach when leaves are turning orange and falling off trees.

On the other hand, if you do enjoy fall season then opt for a darker nail polish color to reflect longer, chilly nights.

And of course, you can never go wrong with a classic french manicure on your short nails. Your fingers will look adorable.

This is a nail look that proves short nails are not boring at all. Want to step up your manicure game? Then opt for a fun and girly pattern such as this one.

If the above manicure was not enough proof that you can do anything with short nails, then check this one! This is a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” inspired manicure. There is enough room on short nails to do any type of design on them.

This is a nail look that will look good with every type of skin tone. The soft pastel colors paired with a minimalist cheetah print detail make this manicure look impeccable and cute.

Another pretty and infallible nail look is a floral one. You can’t never go wrong with a floral design on your nails and it looks more splendorous on short nails.

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