Kourtney Kardashian Comments On Kylie Jenner’s Billionaire Status And Leaving KUWTK

Kourtney Kardashian was recently on an episode of the daytime talk show The Real dishing out answers to our burning questions.


It’s no secret that Kourtney is regarded as the least ambitious sister. Compared to style mogul Kim Kardashian, drama centerpiece Khloe Kardashian, renowned supermodel Kendall Jenner, and billionaire businesswoman Kylie Jenner, Kourtney’s accomplishments seem to pale in comparison. The 40-year-old appears to be considering leaving the show that started it all, in hopes of finding peace from the public scrutiny. When asked about the rumored departure, she confirmed that the thought has seemed enticing to her in the past. She responded,

“So, every day is different. But at the current moment, I’m happy and very into my blessings and feeling very good, but I definitely have my moments where, ‘cause I mean, life is short.”

The reality star’s image on Keeping Up With The Kardashians has always been one of “the dedicated mom,” and that portrayal doesn’t seem too far off from real life. After being asked how Kylie Jenner’s billionaire status has affected the older sisters, the media personality shed some insight on the situation,

“Subconsciously it makes us feel like, ‘When is it enough?’ And I think that’s a thing I always think to myself, ‘When is it enough?’ because I don’t like missing out on certain things like doing my kids’ homework or certain after-school activities or different things like that.”

While properly raising three children out of the public eye when you’re a Kardashian seems to be a full-time job in itself, her $35 million net worth compared to her younger sister (and mother of one) Kylie Jenner’s net worth of $1 billion raises speculation on how ambitious the older sister really is.


Leaving the reality show may indeed minimize the scrutiny Kourtney Kardashian receives on the regular, but it may also confirm fans’ suspicions of her distinct lack of work.

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