VSCO Girl 101: Know Everything About the Positive Vibes Sub-Culture

If you have been following the most famous YouTubers and looking for the latest teen trends on the internet, then you inevitably have come across the term “VSCO Girl.”

First, let’s familiarize ourselves with the term “VSCO.” What does it mean? VSCO is a photography app that allows users to take pictures and edit them with filters. The platform became popular among Gen Z girls because the app is a likes-free platform. Hence the term “VSCO Girl.” But now the term has taken another meaning going beyond just using the VSCO app. The term encompasses personality traits that promote positive vibes and environmental consciousness creating its own internet sub-culture.

The VSCO girl is not afraid to let anyone know that she is basic, self-aware, eco-friendly, and owns a trillion scrunchies. She is here to revamp internet culture and make this world a better place.

Now that we have given you a quick introduction to the VSCO Girl, let’s take a look where she thrives: social media.

The following memes and posts will make anyone proficient on VSCO girl culture and how they are shaping the online world by kicking out the stressed out, bad-looking millennial stereotype to replace it with the “I’m so basic” aesthetic.

The VSCO Girl is all about:

Spreading positive vibes online

Using “SKSKSK” and “and I ooop” always

Being eco-friendly

Reusable water bottles

Metal straws

Kanken bagpacks

Wearing scrunchies

Wearing oversized t-shirts




The VSCO Girl is the new trend of late 2010s early 2020s that will probably shape the discourse on environmental and social issues in the world. As you can tell based on the tweets, many people say that the VSCO Girl is just a comeback of the 90s girl or that they were doing or wearing what a VSCO girl wears all the time before the movement started, but reality is that VSCO girls are the ones reining on social media and they will make a statement online just like millennials did. We just need to be ready to see a whole new generation write relatable posts that us, older generations, can not longer relate to.

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