16-year-old Khaseen Morris Killed While Teens Recorded

The unprecedented amount of heads looking straight into the cell phone screen has increased dramatically over the years. Technology can prove itself time and time again to be convenient, whether through newly updated apps to better corresponding machines to meet our daily needs. Most of us could probably agree that living without our phones would seem unfathomable. We rely so much on our phones all of the time. Checking the time, keeping us on time, calculating our apps, calculating our reminders, guiding our everyday direction on our life. You can even have a phone wallet! The con behind the cellular phone phenomenon? Distraction.

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There have been countless of driving tragedies involving teens behind the wheel, texting and driving, and getting themselves killed or killing someone else. Laws passed prohibiting phone use at all while on the road. Teens, as well as adults, also started developing another dangerous habit: recording incidents. Websites like Facebook often post viral threads of live action cameras in people’s phones recording what they are witnessing happening. Some videos are often entertaining causing a worldwide share of views and followers. Some videos are endearing and inspiring motivating us to spread love and appreciation. Other viral videos are also used to spread awareness. The scarier kind of videos are those that perhaps we are more than likely prohibited from seeing after a tragedy strikes.

Like what happened to Khaseen Morris. On Monday night, September 16th, 2019, the 16-year-old teen suffered from a fatal stab wound to his chest, while at least 50 other teens stood nearby and watched. While Khaseen Morris lay dying in front of a Long Island mall, the teens recorded on their phones. According to BuzzFeed News,   a fight took place in Oceanside, New York and captured onto social media. The footage of Khaseen bleeding to death on the concrete, while the onlooking teens recorded, posted onto social media such as SnapChat. Khaseen Morris died from his injuries at the hospital Monday night. The young man would have turned 17 next month.

The fight broke out between Khaseen and a jealous ex-boyfriend of a girl Khaseen walked home from a party. Khaseen’s family has tried preventing the video of the fight that killed the teen from posting anywhere back online.

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While the rest of the world stood and stared, a young life could have been spared. The encircling oh cell phone use could have been used to call for help immediately instead of documenting death. Has technology truly distanced us as a humane people? Does hiding behind the cell phone screen let us remain barred from interacting with others? Do we let it excuse us from one another? Or has everything become a virtual reality now? Lives are not worthy enough unless they are impacted by the internet? I, myself, am astonished at how habitual it is to not keep my phone down. I want to separate myself for that moment. But we all do it now. I just hope we all realize it before it’s too late again for someone else.

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