13 Halloween Costume Ideas Perfect For You and Your Best Friend

Oh, Halloween. Isn’t it so much more fun when you’re able to dress up with friends or as a group? Yes, it’s totally more hilarious and hey, you need your partner(s) in crime, right? Alright, enough of me talking, from the White Rabbit and Alice to the Shining Twins, here are some awesome costume ideas to try with your best friend(s) this Halloween.

1. Shining Twins


Twins with matching blood-stained blue dresses and knee-high socks, you know who they are.

2. Hey Arnold!


Nothing gets better than calling your BFF Football Head all night.

3. The White Rabbit and Alice


Just a creepier version of the Mad Hatter and the Hare.

4. Power Rangers


Choose your color and rock out in bodysuits, tights, and matching boots with your besties!

5. Mario and Luigi


Wait, who gets to be Mario and who gets to be Luigi? The hardest decision yet.

6. Rachel and Monica from Friends


Yes, this is what Halloween should be – what I’m about to dress up as.

7. CatDog


The classic duo. Also, lowkey was an underrated Nickelodeon show, tears.

8. Fanta Girls


Get ready to fanta fanta and wear colorful latex outfits and white boots all night long!

9. Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl


Plaid skirt, designer bags, pussy-bow blouses, and exactly one headband = Classic Upper East Siders.

10. A Best Friend Necklace Charm


So convenient of a costume! You can wear whatever you want and just have to hold a piece of cardboard all night. Lazy, much? FTW

11. Mike and Scully From Monsters, Inc.


Don’t forget this Disney classic! And, yes to onesie costumes.

12. Romy and Michele


Everyone’s favorite high schoolers and everyone’s favorite metallic, pastel mini dresses!

13. The Ladies From Clueless


Gather your girlfriends. Pick your favorite character from the movie and then get into their ’90s style.

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