Anti-Black Racism is Still an Issue in Schools. Why?

A substitute teacher in Cobbs County, Georgia has been fired for reportedly making a list with children’s names under “black devils and white angels.” According to Daily Mail, this is not the first time that children in Cobbs County have experienced racism. In 2017, a student at North Cobb High School posted social media threats about wanting to “kill black people.” Then in November of 2017, a teacher at South Cobb High School “threatened to hang black students” for talking.

It’s fair to say that anti-black racism is still prevalent in the school systems, in the U.S. and elsewhere. According to PHYS.ORG, “racism in Toronto and Ontario schools has been ongoing for decades.” To this day, there are many reports of countless black students who feel they are being treated differently than their non-black peers. “They say there is still a lack of Black presence in schools.” Students said there are fewer black teachers, black history is not taught correctly, and schools do not adequately deal with anti-black racism. 

What needs to be done?

Suggestions like adding To Kill A Mockingbird, perhaps to every classroom in America seem rather fitting or The Green Mile. The African-American community is a sole collection of American history, as well as universal history. It is vital for us as a society to know, especially the youth, that people that may not look like we are also a crucial part of us as a species, as humankind. Growing up in high school, the only history book pictures I recalled with any people of color were Native-Americans, and we learned of wars with them.

Racism must be blotted out from high school students embedded information by ingraining the focus of anti-racism starting with elementary schools. We can teach our youth how powerful the discrimination of race can deter life at a very early age. The more chances there are of eliminating the power of hatred and destroying one another. The idea of anti-racism can no longer be an ideal or just an illusion; we must fundamentally make this an integral part of each culture now.

The problem with racism occurring in schools from teachers and students is that the ignorance spreads and infiltrates itself anywhere else. Appalling countless stories of racist police brutality reports including killing black teenagers, and barely any justice has been done for some if not any of these accounts. Every new generation can start to see it. With the “white privilege” epidemic and being “woke,” many young people are coming forward from many different races to fight against racial injustices.

Power of equality can not manage in the hands of the youth culture; it has to belong to all of us too. Segregation and racism are man-driven and human-made. We also have the power to break down walls of ignorance as much as we can build them up. We can start by allowing ourselves to open up to compassion for one another first. We also have to be okay with being uncomfortable with issues we thought we understood was over, but perhaps isn’t.

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