8 Creative Girls Night Ideas You Should Do Now

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do while you stay in for the night or just something new to try with your best friends, this guide will give you all your answers.

Here are eight creative girls night in activities you can do in your dorm room.

Make homemade pizza

Making pizza


Grab your favorite toppings, pizza dough, sauce, and cheese to make your own pizza from scratch! This is a great idea if you’re looking for a fun bonding activity with your closest friends.

Plan a movie night

Girls watching movie at home


Chose your favorite chick flick, rom-com, scary movie or any film that you all want to watch to make for a priceless night in your dorm or apartment. If you are looking for a cheap snack alternative to munch on during your private screening, check the dollar candy selection of your local grocery store. You can also have each friend bring their own snack for everyone to share.

Host a tasting party

Pouring wine


If you are 21 and over, throw a wine tasting party where everyone brings their own bottle of wine for you all to try out. If you are under 21, you can still have an enjoyable food tasting party. Have each of your guests bring a homemade appetizer dish where everyone gets to try all the food that is shared.

DIY spa night

Girls night in pedicures


Grab your favorite nail polish and a rejuvenating face mask. Put on some relaxing music and get a diffuser to have yourself a DIY spa room that smells like essential oils.

Have a bake-off

Bake off ingredients


If you have a kitchen in your dorm or living space, have all your best friends over for a bake-off! Have everyone make their favorite dessert dish and turn it into a friendly competition to see who made the best sweet treat. For the fall season, turn it into a themed dessert with only autumn-inspired baked goods.

Put together a craft party

Women crafting


Search Pinterest for some fun crafts you have been wanting to try. Or have a scrapbook party where everyone buys their own scrapbook and prints out pictures from the beginning of college to make your own college book. Your older self will thank you later.

Game night

Playing jenga


There is nothing better than a classic game night! Grab your favorite game or pick up a new one that you and your friends have never played before to make for a great night in.

Favorite items party

Women bonding in a circle


For this activity, have each member of your friend group bring their favorite candy, snack, dessert, and cheap beauty product they can’t live without. Do a rotating swap amongst the group so everyone gets a chance to try out new food items or products that they haven’t before. This will also help you get to know one another better.

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