New Study Shows People Find Kindness More Desirable On A Partner Than Looks

A new study conducted by Swansea University on college students found that kindness is the most sought after quality in a long-time partner.

The study surveyed almost 3,000 students in Asia and Europe, and gave the respondents a budget to spend on different attributes. They were given eight different attributes to spend their alleged “mate budget” on which consisted of kindness, physical attractiveness, good financial prospects, humor, wants children, creativity, religiosity and chastity.

The study published in the Journal of Personality shows that after kindness, most of the respondents spent their budget on looks and finances.

According to the Daily Mail respondents typically spent between 22-26 percent of their budget on kindness, a good amount of their money on looks and financial prospects combined with creativity and chastity receiving less than 10 percent of their budget.

Humor received 15-14 percent, wants children 7-9 percent, creativity 8-6 percent, religiosity 5-7 percent, and chastity 6-5 percent.

The study notes that there were differences and similarities between their Eastern and Western respondents. Eastern and Western males spent more money on physical attractiveness than women, while Eastern and Western women allocated more money to good financial prospects than men.

“If men and women act in a similar way across the globe, then this adds weight to the idea that some behaviors develop in spite of culture rather than because of it,” said the principal researcher of the study, Andrew G. Thomas to Daily Mail.

One of the differences found on the cohort was the amount of money allocated to wanting children. Western women spent more money on the attribute of wanting to have children than any other group in the study.

Thomas explained that this difference is based on culture and politics.

Contraception is widespread in Western countries than in Eastern countries, so the desire to start a family adopts a different meaning in the West, while in the East, contraception is not widely available so starting a family is seen as something normal that happens in a sexual relationship, making wanting to have children less relevant, told Thomas to the Daily Mail.

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