Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Nike’s Climate Change Effort

Nike has announced a clever initiative, Move to Zero, in hope to help control climate change. The “zero” represents the goal of having zero carbon and waste. The brand has always been known for being extremely active in global issues such their Colin Kaepernick ad, and is now taking on the difficult task of tackling climate change.

Within the next 10 years, Nike hopes to have renewable energy for their operating facilities and 30% decrease in carbon emissions globally. They have already taken action by making Flyknit material from over 1 billion plastic bottles found in landfills, as well as preventing 99% of their footwear manufacture waste ending up in landfills.

“For Nike, the reason to care about climate action is simple: If there is no planet, there is no sport. With an athlete’s mindset of adaptability, determination and persistence, we believe we can help do something about it,” says Noel Kinder, Nike Chief Sustainability Officer.

This is raising awareness to people in the athletic community, and inspiring athletes and fans to care about this global issue as it affects their careers and the world as a whole. As Kinder puts it, “If there is no planet, there is no sport.”

As the carbon dioxide level drastically increased, ice sheets shrinking, oceans absorbing and warming by over 0.4° Fahrenheit, and an increase in global temperature by 1.62° Fahrenheit action must be taken quickly before it gets worse.

There’s a new product lineup expected to be released in Summer 2020 where the company is trying their best to work with the UN Climate Change and Fashion Industry Charter as well as competitor brands as a commitment to accomplishing this goal.

Kinder continues to add, “As an industry, we have to fundamentally shift our mindsets. That means working with our peers, consumers and even our competitors to create real solutions to climate change.”

The determination, motivation, and mindset of an athlete applied to a situation like this can make a huge difference, and it was easily recognized by Nike.