Kristen Stewart Reveals Embarrassing Introduction to Charlie’s Angels Co-Stars

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the cast of the newest Charlie’s Angels film talk about their experiences meeting each other for the first time.

During the episode, Kristen Stewart recalls her awkward first encounter with Naomi Scott. The 29-year-old was “super amped and kind of nervous” to meet her co-stars. After discreetly looking through the blinds in her trailer and spotting Scott, the actress decides to introduce herself. “I was like, ‘I need to love these girls because I’m a terrible liar,” the Twilight star recalled. She goes on to say

“I did this thing that I was really embarrassed about. I thought maybe I lost her before I could even, like, make an impression.”

The “thing” she refers to is the way she cupped the Aladdin actress’s chin before they went their separate ways. Stewart jokes about the action, explaining that it’s one of those overly familiar notions you do by mistake that turn others off.

“You know when you just meet someone and they’re already like, ‘OK bye love you,’ and you’re like ‘I don’t even know you!’ You’re kind of a fake weirdo.”

Coming to the actress’s defense, Scott assures us that her coworker was just nervous and now that she’s well acquainted with Stewart, the action “makes perfect sense.” She even describes the whole ordeal as “super cute.”

Luckily, the same awkward encounter did not happen when meeting fellow co-star Ella Balinksa. Instead, the angels gush over how much the actress resembles her role as Jane Kano in real life. She has been deemed the title of “a real-life ninja” by her co-stars and director Elizabeth Banks.

Watch the interview below:

Charlie’s Angels is hitting theatres on November 15, 2019.

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