Top 5 Best Habits To Start Practicing in College

Being productive and starting habits in college can pay off majorly in the long run. Establishing a routine now will help you succeed later in life especially as you gear up to enter the career force.

It is important to break any bad habits and develop a personal wealth of good habits to work into your life.

Here are five of the best habits to start practicing in college.

Wake Up Early

Getting out of bed


Part of the real world means waking up early most days to get to work. Although it is college, you should start practicing waking up earlier at the same time each day so you establish the habit before you get your first job. Waking up early also has its benefits as it allows you to be more productive and reduces stress levels. Not rushing in the morning to get ready will no longer be a problem when working on sustaining this habit.

Start Saving Money



Although it may be difficult to do in college, starting to save money now is a great habit to form. Adding as much spare change to a jar every day or each week is a great idea so you are not completely broke after graduation. This habit will also help you learn the perks of saving money, a critical skill you will need for the rest of your life.

Eat Healthier

peanut butter banana toast breakfast


If you are on a meal plan, start getting your meals from the salad bar more to have a healthier lifestyle. It is a great idea to cook your own healthy meals in your college living space if you are able to. Not only will you learn to make some new recipes but it will be a great skill to carry out of college if you plan to be living on your own.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

Mental Health icon


College is extremely busy and overwhelming which sometimes may lead to burning out or a lot of stress. Be sure to be good to yourself by making your mental health a number one priority. It is totally okay to take one day off from any homework assignments or work.

Learning how to balance the pressures of college will allow you to be able to handle your busy life after you graduate. Take a yoga or meditation class to unwind, or have a day to yourself where you focus on only activities that you want to do.

Practice Prioritizing

Sticky Notes scheduling


The most valuable skill to learn in college is prioritizing. Be sure to handle things of importance in the best order by creating daily to-do lists. This will help you in the long run and is a skill that will be needed in numerous aspects of life. Time management is another skill that works hand in hand with prioritizing, making them two imperative habits to build in college.

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