The 10 Trends That Marked 2010s And We Have Forgotten About

There are some trends that never fade away while there are others that have left for good. There are some trends from the 2010s that have stayed with us like memes, but there were other trends people got crazy about back then that now only serve to remind us of how cringey we were.

Now that we are in 2019, it is appropriate to look back from 2010 until now to see which trends dominated social scenes and went down in history mostly forgotten. Some of you will be embarrassed by this list, but all of these forgotten trends will certainly bring back some fond memories of childhood and adolescence.

Without further ado, let’s take a trip down memory lane and behold yourselves for the cringe.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds computer game developed by Finnish company Rovio Entertainment first released in 2009. It sold over 2 billion copies across all platforms


This game was all the rage back in early 2010s. This game became the most famous game ever very quickly according to Not only that, many sequels were made out of this game such as Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars, and many Angry Birds merchandise, PC and console games, TV shows and movies, and board games. Everyone was playing it in high school, but then its popularity faded away and people no longer talk about it.

“Bed Intruder Song”

The Gregory Brothers, an American musical quartet known for their comedy music where they took clips from other videos, majority TV news clips, and altered the pitch to make it sound autotuned. Their YouTube channel is Schmoyoho. In 2010, the YouTube channel created the hilarious “Double Rainbow Song” that cemented their comedy career. Quickly after, they released the extremely catchy “Bed Intruder Song” which followed closely to the “Double Rainbow Song” in popularity both in YouTube and iTunes.

The “Bed Intruder Song” became the most viewed YouTube video in 2010. The video is a local TV news clip of Antoine Dodson, a Hunstville, Ala. resident, who was talking about how a rapist broke into the window of his sister’s room and threatening the suspect that he was going to be found. After adding a humorous twist to a rather terrifying news, the Gregory Brothers turned this clip into a viral sensation. Such was the fame of this song that Dodson himself sang it during the BET Hip-Hop Awards while the song itself debuted at No.89 on the Hot 100 in August, Billboard reported.

This song was a gem back then and it still is, but people no longer talk about it because it is freaking ten years old! The comment section of this song is just filled with people saying how they watched this when they were 11 and now they are 22!

Personalized ringtones

Close up to music ringtones app on the screen of an iPhone X with personalized background

Nicole Lienemann/Shutterstock

Who remembers when people personalized their own ringtones? Now people love to keep their phone silent or on vibrate mode for the sake of privacy.

Restaurant City

In early 2010s, games like Restaurant City, Farmville, and Mafia Wars were extremely popular on Facebook. I remember everyone either sending invitations or requests to grow their restaurants and farms or just to level up through Facebook. No wonder these games got so popular; they were easy to play and free. The amount of satisfaction 13-year-old me got when my farm was growing and making money, I couldn’t get anywhere else. Many people spent hours on Facebook just to play these games that emphasized on socialization and adding your own Facebook friends to the game, according to Digital Trends

Sadly, just like many other trends, this one didn’t survive. People stopped playing games on social media and rarely get mentioned.

Emo subculture

portrait of young emo goth model

Reggie Barroga/Shutterstock

The emo community of early 2010s was greatly alienated from the hipster aesthetic taking over. Now, there are no longer people rocking the signature heavy black eyeliner, teased, short-layered side-bang swept hair emo look, and emo music has largely turned underground, but we mostly remember this subculture with memes.

Although the subculture has either faded or turned underground completely, there are still some trends that we have copied and adapted into mainstream culture such as black stockings with holes, corsets and multicolored hair according to Oniedo.

Wedge sneakers

Beautiful blonde woman walking on the street

Dmitri Gromov/Shutterstock

This type of footwear was made popular by Isabel Marant, but many fashion footwear brands started to produce wedge sneakers. It was the sensation from early to mid 2010s, but now very rarely I see women sporting these shoes. It is believed they will make a comeback, but it is very unsure.

Tragus piercing

Professional placing the jewel of piercing on the ear with ball.

Juan Aunion/Shutterstock

Back in 2012, lots of girls in high school had this piercing. It was so cute. Now the whole piercing aesthetic seem to have mellowed down a bit compared to how booming it was in 2000s an early 2010s.


The movement took place in 2015 after that year’s Oscar’s nominations failed to include more racial diversity in the major categories. Former attorney April Reign created the movement by tweeting “It’s actually worse than last year. Best Documentary and Best Original Screenplay. That’s it. #OscarsSoWhite,” as reported on Indiewire

This movement was the first time that Hollywood received such poignant criticism about their lack of diversity. Due to the fact that less people are watching the Oscar’s, they decided to include more women and minority people as a way to increase viewership.

Although quickly successful when it was created in 2015, the hashtag movement hasn’t been mentioned recently and many people don’t seem to talk about it as much on social media.

Crackle nail polish

Trendy crackle nail polish in black. Manicure and nail tattoo trend. Closeup of woman hands isolated on black background


Crackle nail polish was part of the textured polish wave that hit in early 2010s. This particular texture was very daring to wear in comparison to the matte and suede textures that were and still are trending.

The nail look consisted of cracked lines on top of another regular nail polish. The trend was very hot with everyone I know, including myself, wearing cracked nails. Crackle nail polish was for the edgiest and boldest ones out there, but this nail look didn’t last as long as many thought it would.

Zynga Poker

Smartphone with Zynga poker game application in google play store on red background


In early 2010s, Zynka Poker had 31 million monthly active users according to VentureBeatSocial casino games were extremely popular at the beginning of this era because the U.S. was moving to legalize online gambling. VentureBeat reported that analysts estimated the online gambling game industry to generate $1.6 billion in revenue in 2012.

It was very common to come upon an online gambling game ad in early 2010s but now those games seem to have gone underground again, proving those analysts that their predictions were wrong in the long term.

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