Venus Williams Wants Females to ‘Feel Empowered’

Venus and sister Serena Williams have been known for more than being tennis champions. 39-year-old Venus Williams wants other women to feel empowered and ready to take on the world in her sports wear line, EleVen. She launched the trendy active wear in 2012 when she discovered her passion also for design and fashion. The inspiration behind Venus’ message for her new collection, Flashes is about being bold. According to POPSUGAR, , the superstar opened up in an email saying, ” “I always try and push myself to do and be the best that I can be in every aspect of my life. Whether I am on the court, designing the next EleVen collection, or spending time with my family, I try to be better every day.”

The Flashes collection helps embrace “your sense of bold,” by wearing pieces that have bright pops of blues that bring a fun and desirous element when working out. This is an exciting follow-through from Venus’ summer Phoenix collection. She said the summer launch was “inspired by the mythological bird that represents renewal, as I wanted to design something that celebrated a new season.”

venus williams in tennis suit tennis in hand playing tennis


Flashes has a wonderful variety of four-way stretch material and UVB and UVA-protection wear against those bright sunshine rays. The price range is usually from $29-109 and are said to be very breathable and quick to dry. Venus gets to fuel her passion and energy into her designs, which she enjoys most. And what she wants every female to feel when she wears Flashes is that “she can rule the world. I love wearing Flashes because the energy empowers me — the print and color match up with the intensity of my workouts.” The idea behind her company is “that you gotta be better than your best and keep pushing, and I want women to feel empowered when they put on my collection, like they are an 11 out of 10 and can take on the world.”

The brand is available now to wear, feel free to take a look at

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