Aldi Applauded for Normalizing Breast Feeding In New Advertisement

Aldi is making headlines following their new advertisement said to be normalizing breastfeeding.

The German supermarket franchise recently posted a video on twitter interviewing a couple, Liz and Drew, who talk about how shopping at Aldi has helped them save money. During the video, Liz can be seen breastfeeding her newborn baby Eli in a relaxed setting as she talks to her husband and the cameras.

Shoppers are applauding the brand for portraying breastfeeding in a natural setting. The video, now viewed over 7,000 times in only two days, is making quite the impression on social media with users calling it “on point” and that it “sets the standard” for the fight against misogyny.

The clip interviews the parents, asking them what Aldi products they cannot live without. The campaign aims to document real shoppers of the brand and telling their stories in the rawest form. As Liz can be seen covering the baby’s head with her hand, no sensors or cloths were used to hide what was going on.

Twitter users can’t stop praising the brand for its portrayal that helps make progress in the movement to normalize breastfeeding. One user tweeted, “Well done Aldi. Showing a perfectly normal breastfeeding moment during your advert. #breastfeeding”

Another user replied to the ad with, “Please show an ad like this in America!!” since this campaign is only advertised for Aldi in the UK.

Another user commented on the ad, “Just saw an Aldi tv advert with a mom breastfeeding. Great to see breastfeeding portrayed on mainstream media adverts. Fair play to the women for looking so totally at ease in front of the cameras. #breastfeeding #natural”

A spokesperson for Aldi commented on their newfound popularity saying,

“We’re pleased that showing the real lives of the people that shop with us has had a wider positive impact.”

You go Aldi!