Kendall Jenner Spotted Drinking from Phallic Shaped Cup At Hailey Bieber’s Bachelorette Party

It seems the model besties have pulled out all the stops to make Hailey Bieber’s bachelorette party the raunchiest one in history.

The model socialite, 22, who tied the knot with musician husband Justin Bieber, 25, at a New York City civil ceremony, is celebrating her marriage a second time. After a year of being married, the Canadian couple decided to tie the knot again only this time, it will be a grander ceremony with a more famous guest list. According to TMZ, the ceremony will be held in a church in South Carolina, a quaint southern state that the two lovebirds have been spending time in recently.

If you’re wondering why not just do it the first time, the two decided to keep things low key as Justin chose to focus on his mental health. Something as lavish as an A-List wedding on the front page back in 2018 may not have been something he could cope with. The “Sorry” singer has been candid about his mental health struggles on social media this year, but it seems things are going great for them considering the scale of Hailey’s bachelorette party.

As is customary of the bride before she says “I do,” an all-out bash with your closest friends and crude innuendos is in order. The gal pals along with the rest of Hailey’s crew were spotted partying in West Hollywood and Delilah night club on September 25th.

Just before the party began, Hailey’s best friend Kendall Jenner, 23, was spotted out and about shopping for the occasion. The model could be seen giggling at all the crude objects for sale at a Hustler store. Later on, photos of her were captured sipping on a giant phallic-shaped bottle and sporting a necklace with a crude pendant hanging on it.

They were also spotted wearing minidresses so short you’d swear a wardrobe malfunction or two were on the way. One of which could be seen from Hailey’s Instagram story.


The couple recently sent out comic book style save the date invitations for a wedding scheduled on September 30th.

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