WATCH: Kim Kardashian Reads Brutal Tweet About Herself

On the latest episode of Celebrities Read Mean Tweets by Jimmy Kimmel, Kim Kardashian along with tons of other A-List celebs read what rude haters have to say about them.

During the 12th edition of this segment, Kardashian reads a tweet that says, “I’d rather plant poison ivy plants in my anus before hearing another word about Kim Kardashian,” to which she cheekily replies, “Go ahead and do that, please.”

Watch the full video here:

Honorable mentions include Maisie Williams, David Spade, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zendaya, and Jeff Goldblum.

Williams read her tweet aloud, “Maisie Williams looks like a very young grandma.” The Game of Thrones actress simply responded with a giggle and said, “oh.”

Spade’s tweet, perhaps almost as savage as Kim’s, read, “I just cut a fart that smells so bad they added David Spade as a supporting character.” The Joe Dirt star couldn’t help but laugh before responding like the good sport that he is, “That’s not bad. I actually auditioned for that. I don’t know if I got it.”

Gyllenhaal read his aloud, “Jake Gyllenhaal’s d**k smells like hot dog water.” He responded, “It’s like a haiku. Beautiful thing to say.”

As always, Zendaya’s clapbacks are legendary. Her tweet read, “I bet Zendaya’s feet smell like Funyuns.” The Euphoria star responded, “Let’s check, shall we?” before removing her Louboutin heel to take a whiff. “Nope, smells like success to me,” was her savage reply.

Goldblum’s tweet addressed the actor’s peculiar behavior exhibited as of late as well as his odd acting roles. It read, “Jeff Goldblum is starting to annoy me now. Like, ok, dude. You’re quirky. We get it. You have some weird sweaters. Good for you.” True to his persona, the Jurassic Park veteran responded, “I know what you’re talking about, believe you me. If I was in your shoes I might feel the same way.” The actor then rubbed his chest as he asked the tweeter if they liked his new shirt.
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