Anitta’s Boyfriends 2023: Who Is Anitta Dating Now?

Anitta is one of the hottest faces of the Brazilian music scene and has been on the top for a while now. Her debut single “Show das Poderosas” was released in 2013 and became Brazil’s most-watched YouTube video ever, and since then she has been a constant part of the funk genre of the country.

Her recent transition into Hispanic music and reggaeton only helped to increase her fame and number of fans, admirers, and prospect lovers. Her latest hit “Faz Gostoso,” featuring Madonna, is a reflection of her current international success.

Anitta is fierce with her music and in her dating life as well, and over the years she has dated countless, and good looking, men. The singer’s dating life is agitated and involves both famous and anonymous people, many of which are mentioned in her biography “Furacão Anitta” (hurricane Anitta), published in May 2019.

Anitta’s father, Mauro Machado, once left a polemic comment on Instagram stating that his daughter’s dating life is like the TV show Game of Thrones: once you start liking a character, he gets cut out. Machado continues by stating that he is very content with the singer’s current relationship with Brazilian surfer Pedro Scooby, and jokingly says that they will have issues if this character falls as well.

Anitta admitted being on a relationship with Scooby at the beginning of June 2019 and the surfer opened his heart to her on social media during the Brazilian Valentine’s Day on June 12th: “I am not very good with words and that’s why I chose these pictures, because I feel like they demonstrate how I’m crazy in love and happy by your side! I love looking at you, dating you, filling you with kisses, care, pleasure and love. I love you just the way you are! Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. May this be the first of many.” 

However, throughout the years and since the beginning of her career, Anitta has been with many men such as other funk artists like Diego Villanueva (2000), businessman Arthur de Carvalho (2014), actor and model Pablo Morais (2016), comedians Eduardo Sterblitch and Fabio Porchat, and the English Formula 1 pilot Lewis Hamilton (2016).

On top of that, the singer has a history with the soccer player Neymar from 2016 that was repeated during the Carnaval of 2019 in February, as well as with the Colombian singer Maluma, who featured in her song “Sim ou Não” from 2016.

In September 2018 the singer divorced Thiago Magalhães, the businessman who she married 10 months earlier in October 2017. Her devotion to her career and demanding schedule were two of the main reasons for the separation.

Anitta’s dating history is a mix of serious relationships and casual affairs, all reflecting the singer’s good taste in men and openness to express her thoughts and feelings to the world. During an interview with an Argentinian channel, she commented on her affair with Maluma saying it was “gostoso” — the Brazilian word for good/hot. Also, during an interview on the Spanish TV show La Resistencia in April 2019, when asked how many people she got involved with during the previous month, the singer responded that since it was the month of Carnaval, you cannot add such number to the normal average.

Anitta’s dating life is a romantic adventure that reflects the singer’s free spirit and intense passion, not only over the music but also the people she chooses to get involved with.