Top 5 Need To Know Back-to-School Organization Tips

I know, I don’t want to think about school either, but if you’re anything like me, you want to be organized. If I am organized, I find I do better in my classes throughout the semester. So here are the five tips for back to school organization!

Tip 1: Clean your workspace!

If you usually study in your room, create a space in your room where you will study. I am a really big believer that environment elicits learning. If you are working in an environment that promotes learning, you are more likely to be successful in school.

If you own a desk, utilize it! Put all of your pens and pencils in a jar, create an area for homework assignments (separating by what’s incomplete and complete), or even put up a vision board to keep you motivated during the semester! Personalize your space and make it as YOU as possible!

Tip 2: Use a planner!

I cannot stress this enough! It is so important to use a planner when scheduling out free time and writing in assignments. No matter how great you think your memory is, you will forget assignments if you do not have reminders either in your phone or written in your planner.

Personally, I enjoy using a mobile app for planning because you can receive notifications and reminders instantly on your phone instead of having to search for your planner.

I use the app called P. Schedule. I put all of my classes in the app and then insert all assignments, quizzes and tests. You can also insert your professors’ contact information so if you misplace or don’t have your syllabus, you can access it on the app. I love this app and I would highly suggest it to all college students.

Tip 3: Utilize Syllabus Week!

Many students assume that syllabus week is just an extra week of break because most teachers are introducing the course to the students, but utilize this time! Instead of not really taking the first couple of classes seriously, use this time and insert your syllabus into your planner! This task is so tedious, but it will save you! Spend the extra time and insert all of the assignments quizzes, and tests into your planner.

Check out your books and see if you’ll need binders or folders for any of your classes that way you can begin to organize for each class.

Tip 4: Minimize Your Backpack!

If you can help it, don’t pack your backpack full of stuff! Clean out your backpack prior to the first day, and only pack the necessities! If you have an IPad or MacBook, download your books onto your devices and bring only that to school!

iPad allows you to take notes via note-taking apps, which can minimize space in your backpack!

If you decide to go the electronic route, make sure you have enough space for your textbook and note-taking!

If you don’t own electronics to use for college, I would suggest buying one large notebook to use for all of your courses because you always have all your notes all together.

Books are inevitable, unfortunately, so if you have to bring all your books to school, I would recommend investing in a durable backpack that specializes in reducing back pain. It sounds silly, but I used to have crucial back problems because I was lugging around 4+ books in a flimsy backpack!

Tip 5: Minimize Getting Ready

I highly recommend minimizing the time it takes for you to get ready. Always pick out an outfit the night before, that way you don’t need to worry about rushing or being late to class.

Make sure your makeup routine is minimized as well in order to save time. I usually put together 5-10 makeup products that I use every single day in one bag, that way I already have everything that I need when I get ready.

Getting ready can be tedious, but when you minimize the time it takes, it allows you more time to get homework or any other assignments completed. I also find that doing my makeup early in the day makes me feel more organized and motivated throughout the day!

Getting back into the school routine is difficult, but with an efficient routine can keep you on track and successful all semester long!

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