Top 10 Free and Cheap Fall Activities You Should Try

Looking for a fun fall activity to do this weekend but don’t want to break the bank? There are plenty of events or activities you can do for free this autumn.

Fall is one of the most enjoyable seasons for most, full of lots of exciting events going on. Be sure to look for any festivals or events happening near you, as there are many during this time of year!

Check out the list below for the best free and inexpensive fall activities.

Have a bonfire

Camping Bonfire


The only items you might have to pay for are the ingredients for your s’ mores! A cheap night for the cool crisp fall weather that makes for wonderful memories with your friends.

Bake your favorite fall treats

Pumpkin Pie Holiday Table


Apple pie, cider donuts, pumpkin pie, and chocolate chip cookies are all warm, cozy desserts to bake when the weather gets colder. Stay in one night and host a baking contest with your besties. Or if it is raining, spend the day indoors for the perfect wholesome activity.

Go for a hike or walk

Fall hike with friends


Not only is taking a hike or walk free, but it is also a great way to get active and take in the beauty of fall! Check out any local hiking paths near you or make a road trip with your friends to a mountain in your vicinity.

Go to a pumpkin patch then carve pumpkins

Carving pumpkins


Not exactly free, but pick up some cheap pumpkins from your local patch or store and turn it into a pumpkin carving competition with your friends. Be sure to snap lots of cute fall-themed pictures at the pumpkin patch!

Make a list of things you’re thankful for

Gratitude list


Easy and free, as the holiday season approaches it’s important to share your gratitude for even the littlest things in life. Make a night out of it with your friends and have everyone share what they are thankful for.

Make a habit out of doing this by writing your gratitudes down every week.

Visit a corn maze


There might be a slight fee, but there are plenty of activities going on at most corn mazes! Lookup any farms in your area that might be hosting weekly corn mazes or fall festivals.

Have a picnic



Head to your local park and have a peaceful picnic lunch with your significant other or best friends. Don’t forget to bring a blanket to sit on to make it an old-school picnic!

Volunteer at a local soup kitchen

Volunteer at soup kitchen


A great way to get into the giving back spirit during the holiday season. This activity is free and will leave you feeling like you made a good impact within the community.

Go for a drive and admire the fall foliage

Changing leaves


New England is the best place to witness the changing leaves. If you live in the area, go for a drive to look at all the beautiful fall foliage. You won’t regret seeing the simple beauty of autumn.

Have a fall photoshoot

Photoshoot in fall


Grab your best friends and head to the best locations near you that showcase the breathtaking images of fall. Get dressed up in your favorite fall clothing and throw on some makeup and style your hair. Take turns snapping pictures of each other and altogether for the ultimate fall photoshoot.

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