The 7 Halloween Party Essentials To Buy This Year

Halloween is quickly approaching and if you are looking to get in the spirit with a Halloween party, we have all the items that you need to buy. Whether you want to go all out for the holiday or keep it minimum these products are affordable and incredibly festive to ring in the spookiness of Halloween season.

Check out the list below for the best Halloween party essentials.

Skull Disco Light

Disco Skull


Not only does this skull make for the perfect decor item, but it also has a dual purpose of a disco ball. Definitely, a party must have to set the Halloween mood.

Buy it here.

Giant Cauldron



Buy a big cauldron or mini ones to fill with your favorite drinks or candy. Festive and provides a beverage for your guests!

Buy it here.

Party Decor Kit

Halloween Party kit

Party City

Instead of purchasing a lot of little decorations that can add up, this all in one kit is perfect (and affordable) for your Halloween celebration. It also gives your party a theme that makes for an aesthetically pleasing style.

Buy it here.

Lots of Candy



Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without candy? You are never too old for candy so this is a must-buy for your party! Nearly every grocery store sells bulk bags of candy in assortments to cater to your guest’s sweet tooth.

Spooky Lighting

Halloween lanterns


Turn off all the lights to really get in the spirit and fill the room with just candles and these decorative erie lighting fixtures.

Buy them here.

Photo Props

Photo props


All of your guests will be dressed up for the occasion, so taking pictures are not optional. Buy these cute, fun photo props to help enhance the pictures being snapped throughout the party.

Buy them here.

Fun Activities

Bobbing for apples


Make sure you have plenty of activities planned to keep your guests entertained. One of the classic activities that you must have is bobbing for apples. Use one of your purchased cauldrons or a large tin and fill it with water and as many apples as you like for this exciting event.

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