Elle Fanning Discusses The Pressure To Be Perfect In Hollywood

From first being introduced on the silver screen at just three years old, Elle Fanning has been in the public spotlight for quite a long time. On the contrary to growing up in an athletic driven family, her and her sister had felt more at home performing.

Now 21 years old, Elle mentions in an interview with Tatler, “It just felt right at home for us…We weren’t supposed to do this at all. My mom played tennis, my dad played baseball, my mom’s dad was a quarterback in the NFL. We were supposed to play tennis or something.”

Dakota and Elle Fanning


Being famous holds a heavy weight on your shoulders between looking flawless, behaving as a proper role model, and keeping a positive and appealing personality at all times. It’s easy to fall under pressure and cracking at points like celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears.

However, Elle and her sister have defeated the stereotypical standards by sticking together, maintaining a peaceful perspective in the industry, and remaining to be strong and poised women.

She later explains the competitiveness and jealousy between women in Hollywood, and how it really doesn’t have to be that way. She has given herself the choice to surround herself with a sisterhood. Through her role as Princess Aurora in the upcoming sequel to Maleficent, she hopes to unveil a message to women of al ages that represents individualism and femininity.

“Aurora represents the youth of the generation who is accepting to all, no matter what, and she does it in her own soft way. I think it’s a nice message to tell women, it’s okay to be comfortable in your femininity. Kindness is not weakness, it’s quite the opposite,” she explains.

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