Here Are the Makeup Brands Americans Are Loving the Most in 2019

As a college student, it’s hard enough to find time to brush your teeth in the morning – let alone apply the 20 step makeup routine you were so loyal to in high school. Thankfully, the dress code for class is typically an oversized t-shirt and Nike shorts, which pairs well with that fresh-faced, just-rolled-out-of-bed look. 

However, that doesn’t mean that makeup obsession we all held so tightly to our identity is any less prominent now than it was a few years ago. You may have shifted away from the blue eyeshadow you experimented with in middle school, but you probably still use a lot of the same brands that launched your makeup addiction. 

A favorite makeup brand reveals a lot about a person. A MAC cosmetics girl is very different from a NYX girl. There’s not necessarily a right or wrong brand, but there are certain stereotypes and characteristics associated with each brand. 

A recent study by Sand and Sky revealed the most popular makeup brand in each US state. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of overwhelming consensus on which makeup brand is supreme. From Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty to Wet and Wild and everything in between – there is a lot of disagreement across America. 

Every beauty guru knows that there are two very distinctive types of makeup brands – drugstore and luxury. Each side has their pros and cons, but they are definitely not to be confused. 

The nation is fairly split when it comes to the age-old debate. Drugstore brands are the top in 27 states while luxury brands top 23 states – and there doesn’t appear to be any geographic patterns in the divides. 

The top overall brand is a tie between Color Story and Physicians Formula, each coming in as the top brand in four states. Both of these brands fall on the upper side of the drugstore brands, meaning they may not be the cheapest products on the market but they definitely don’t break the bank. 

For those willing to spend a little more on their makeup regimen, the top pick was Laura Lee Los Angeles (though ironically, not a favorite among Californians). Laura Lee is new to the cosmetics scene – emerging in just 2017 – though it has quickly surged to the top of the market. This brand is known for being vegan and cruelty-free and expresses dedication to creating “high quality, lovable” products. 

Runner ups in the luxury brand category include IT Cosmetics and Tarte, tying for the second most searched luxury makeup brand in the US. Both of these brands are also notably cruelty-free. 

No matter what your go-to makeup brand is, we can all agree that makeup is incredibly addicting. There’s something so soothing about owning countless eyeshadow palettes – even if you know you will never actually use them all. 

Regardless, makeup is all about your own preferences. Choose the brands that best match your budget and lifestyle. Whether you apply a full smokey eye every day or don’t even bother with foundation, own your look!

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