Top 5 Ways to Save Money Shopping On a Budget

I get it. You’re broke, but you need to flex a trendy fit on Instagram and your liquid eyeliner had just conveniently dried up. Take it from me, the girl who is broke after getting paid, I know the struggle. There’s just always something to buy?! Before you check your bank account balance in a teary-eyed panic, allow me to share 5 tips to looking good without overspending.

1. Flash Sales

You don’t have to wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to wait for great deals. Lots of different brands do annual flash sales, and it’s your job to take advantage of them. These reduce original prices by 40-60%. Some brands to keep an eye out for is Nike, Victoria’s Secret, and Amazon. Subscribing to your favorite stores is also really clever because then you will be notified immediately when this occurs, and there’s also usually perks like discounts and free shipping when you sign up!

2. Thrift Shops

Never ever underestimate a thrift store. People love to do that for some reason. There’s something called a washing machine and dry cleaners. Anyway, thrifting is a really powerful way to find clothes for the best price. I’ve personally found jeans for under $20, graphic tees for $1, and a belt for $5. That’s almost unheard of. If you dig hard enough, there are some great items that you can find, especially with 70’s and 90’s fashion making a comeback. I once found a pair of authentic Versace jeans for $60. I’ll just leave you with that information.



3. Dupes & Alternatives

I understand certain high-end brands are just superior to the cheap version, but at the end of the day, they do the same job. Looking up reviews on YouTube and online will help you find makeup dupes and similar styles to brands on a more luxurious side for a reasonable price. For example, instead of buying a single pretty pink Beauty Blender at Sephora for $20, Real Techniques offers a package of 4 sponges for $9. Not only do they provide the same benefits and texture to your makeup look, but they are also not made synthetically much like Beauty Blender.

4. Honey

Honey is a browser extension you can download on your computer that automatically analyzes websites you’re on for coupon deals/promo codes you can apply at checkout. This shows you whether you’re getting the cheapest possible price possible. Before you checkout, simply click the honey iconic your browser and in less than a minute it notifies you of possible codes and when they were last successfully used by customers.

5. Sale Sections

The sale section can be really disappointing, I know. That’s because you need to know where to look. A key factor is going to a store with a really wide variety of merchandise like a department store or chain retail store, such as Bloomingdale’s because then they will have more discounted items to offer. Urban Outfitters is also a great place to shop sale as they also almost always have really great deals on shoes, loungewear, women/menswear, and home.

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