Top 7 Best Tips to Surviving Midterm Season

It’s almost that point in the semester where we’re about halfway through, meaning it’s time for midterm tests. Although this point in the year can stressful, there are some tips that will help you get through midterm season smoothly and feeling a little less stressed than you need to be.

Here are the top tips to surviving midterms.

Create your own study guide

Study guide


It is a good idea to make your own guide for any upcoming tests so you can write out important information essential to learn for the exam. This will help you memorize the key points better by rewriting any notes taken during class time.

Start studying at least a week ahead of time



Don’t wait until the last minute to crunch in study time the day before the test. Use a planner to organize specific dates and times of when to prepare for your midterm.

If you have multiple exams, space out your study times evenly throughout weeks before test day takes place. Set a certain number of hours you want to dedicate to review for specific subject areas.

Review with a group


The best way to retain information is to review the materials as a group. Communicate with your fellow peers in your classes to organize a study group before your midterm. This will be beneficial for everyone and is much better than studying alone when you might lose focus.

Maintain a normal sleep schedule

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Even if your schedule might be busier than normal, it is critical to preserve a normal sleep schedule with at least 6-8 hours of sleep a night. The benefits of proper sleep time are countless which will help you during midterm season. It will increase focus, reduce stress, improve your mood and enhance productivity.

Turn your phone off while studying

Shutting off phone


Your phone is a huge distraction when you need to get work done for school. Turn it off completely to avoid the temptation of checking it which will help you stay focused on your midterm studies.

Allow time for a study break



Take a walk around campus, enjoy an episode of your favorite show, or head to the gym for a quick workout for a break during your study sessions.

If you are looking for a quick relaxing break, try some deep breathing exercises and meditation to help calm your stress.

Find a good study spot



If you are not a fan of studying at the library, your campus is most likely full of hidden spots that are great to study at. Check out lounges around campus, local coffee shops or a quiet space in a dining hall.

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