Oprah Reveals The One Thing She Would’ve Done Differently To 11-Year-Old Reporter On Ellen

11 year old Jaden Jefferson from Toledo, Ohio, was given the opportunity to interview Oprah Winfrey backstage at The Ellen Show.

He sat down with the legend herself and began asking, “What is one thing you would do differently if you had the chance?”

“I would probably have ended my show and then tried to start a network, because what I did was I tried to tried to do both at the same time,” she continued to answer, “If I had it to do over, I would end that show, take a break, figure out the next move and then move on.”

The young reporter and 65-year-old media mogul continued to have a light hearted friendly chat as he went on to mention that his grandmother accompanies him on every assignment. He asks what advice her own grandmother had passed along to which her answer was, The best thing my grandmother ever did for me was to give me the gift of being excited about learning how to read.”

Oprah Winfrey


Winfrey had also made a comment about haters that are going to start coming Jefferson’s way. “I already have plenty,” he replies laughing. She leaves him with a piece of advice saying, “You just have to know how to put that in balance, know what you want, and keep striving for that, and not letting all those haters affect you.”

The interview continues as Jefferson asks her, “Who is one person you want to interview and haven’t?”

“Queen of England, how about that!” she responds. She continued to mention she would like to see all of her crowns and get her opinion on Netflix‘s The Crown.

The wise words and beautiful advice from Winfrey didn’t end there. When asked, “What advice would you have for me and other aspiring journalists?” She responded, “Well, I really am just so excited that you are content being authentically yourself. I can see from watching you, that you are 100% fully always just yourself…people know when you’re not being yourself.”

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