Here’s How and Why Running Help Keep Off Weight

If you enjoy running as your workout regime, here’s some good news. According to POPSUGAR, NASM-certified personal trainer Jared Hamilton says you can run “one to three 20 – 30-minute runs per week,” but it’s also wise to switch up the cardio. Fellow colleague, Krissi Williford, of Xcite Fitness also suggested adding weight-lifting, yoga, to balance out your exercise regime. The best thing is to not “overtrain,” to prevent injury or overeating. Instead, the best thing would be to balance out your cardio, resistance training, and diet, to outlast results.

Another great reason to mix up workouts is so your body does not grow accustomed to your exercise regime. When the body gets used to a routine, not a lot of change fluctuates. Instead, the body will conform and remain at the same comfortable weight. Resistance training doesn’t necessarily mean all benches and weightlifts. For great strength training practices, Jared Hamilton recommends “squats, deadlifts, lunges, bench press, step-ups, pull-ups, and push-ups.” The importance behind building muscle mass lies not only in the strength you gain, but also builds a faster metabolism.

Krissi also said that another important factor in working out is being sure to enjoy it. Tedious running on the treadmill doesn’t sound appealing, does it? So, a great way to liven up the action is by trying a change of scenery, like running outside, or switching the treadmill workouts. Trying out a new yoga class in your neighborhood or trying to team with a friend for a good workout might be fun too. What’s our total running analysis to lose weight?

NASM- and ACE-certified trainer Holly Roser suggested,  “In order to lose weight and keep it off, try to do resistance training three to four times a week, and run two to three times a week.”

I think this is definitely worth a try.

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